Tri-luma- Five Top Questions

1.  Can I use Tri-luma on  my chest?

In theory, yes but its not going to be that effective.  A chest with lots of freckles and age spots will need more help than Tri-lima can  provide.  Once areas of hyperpigmentation become raised and lumpy, you’re going to need some kind of  laser or IPL to deal with them. 

2. Can I use Tri-luma and Retin A together ? 

It  depends. Tri-luma already contains Retin A to increase cell turnover, hydroquinone to break down  and discourage pigment formation and a steroid to keep down inflammation.  If you are using Tri-luma  under  your eyes, you can  then apply Retin  A to the other facial areas.  If you have areas of discoloration on your cheeks and forehead, you can use Tri-luma on these areas, but not at the same time you are  using Retin A. It won’t do a  better  job and will  make you skin terribly irritated.

3. Can Tri-luma make your skin worse?

Sad but true.  For some  skin types, Tri-luma  may cause irritation that will actually trigger pigment  formation.  Women of color are especially at risk ( including Hispanic, Asian, Indian and African American skin) and may show a darkening of the areas treated with Tri-luma.  This is why you need to be under the supervision of  dermtologist when using Tri-luma to spot signs of  trouble before they can develop into new  dark patches.  

4. How long can I use  Tri-luma?

Unlike  Retin A which can be used for years, Tri-luma cannot be used for more than 3 consecutive months.  Then you need to take a “Tri-luma holiday” for the next three months before using it again. 

5. Should I put an eye cream over Tri-luma?

After you put Tri-luma under  your eyes at night you can top it with a  little dab of  a very mild formulation to  lessen irritation. Look for an eye cream without alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C and retinols– all good ingredients,  but  they can be too irritating when using Tri-luma.  During the day, you don’t use Tri-luma, but you should use an eye cream with a sunscreen  to protect the skin from UV damage.

All these does and don’t   kind of  take the fun out  anti-aging, but Tri-luma is  not  as easy to use as Retin A.  It can  deliever some very nice results, but  its a high maintenance remedy.  It did a great job  on my dark blue/grey under eye shadows, but   they crept back when I had to go on  my  Tri-luma hiatus.  I’m glad to  be using it again, and I see  results after only a week. Let me know if you have additional Triluma issues.

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  1. My doc wants me to use Tri Luma twice a day – I assume I have to put sunscreen over it int the AM? Will this lessen the effectiveness?

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