Big Girl Retin A — Week One

The flaky dry skin has arrived.  I had almost forgotten  the white peeling skin that goes along with Retin A treatment.  The weather has turned cold and windy which isn’t helping matters. My regular moisturizer can’t keep up, so I’m going to have to crank up on the hydration.

I’m also a little concerned that I don’t see my skin “pinking up”.  One of the first things that I noticed with Retin A Micro was a youthful healthy glow, the result of  an increase in circulation.  This was just about my favorite  anti-aging benefit from Retin A, but so far, I don’t see it from this  generic, albeit much stronger formulation.  Even my mom said I looked pale– and when the one person in the world who thinks you always look good says you are pale– well, I pay attention.

I was so buzzed to find  such an affordable version of Retin A, but if it doesn’t deliver, then it’s no bargain.  I’m  going to keep going for at least another few weeks.  Dr Katz is going to do a facial imaging  follow-up  to see if Retin A has  decreased areas of sun damage  and I want to see if I can measure results.  ( Once a science geek, always a science geek).

Right now I’m in desperate need of some turbo powered moisturizers– a non greasy one for day and  anything short of Crisco for night.  The suggestions I got for my Retin A dried-out  lips were wonderful and I hope someone has road tested recommendations that worked for them. Anyone?

4 thoughts on “Big Girl Retin A — Week One

    • I am a big fan of Cereve and I am already using the lotion. Its good, but not quite enough with this new Retin A which can double as a paint remover. I didn’t know there was a cream and I am going out to find it today. Your Aquaphor recommendation was right on.

  1. I’ve been using Retin -A since I was 17, I’m 42 now and I still use it – water, fish oil, vitamin e – these are my staples. Hope this helps!

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