Big Girl Retin A– Week 2

I’m learning  how to deal with this uber-strength Retin A.  I’ve stepped back  and now  using it every three days, rather than every other day.  The white flaky bits  are gone  and I can see a bit of a glow– rather than a chalky pallor.  When  we think of aging, wrinkles and lines are what  usually come to mind.  But its that dull  pale skin ( a combo of  a slow down in circulation and  increased dryness) that is making the skin  seem old and tired.   Every cell in my body  wants to  speed up  my anti-aging project– but I’ve learned to respect the process and  take it  slower.

I wait a full hour  between washing my face and applying the new Retin A.  After applying a pea size blob, I  top  it with   light coating of Cereve PM lotion.  I treat my lips with a smear of Aquaphor and the skin tight feeling is gone.  The weather  has also been milder which can be contributing to the improvments.  But this balmy weather is not going to last much longer– and when it becomes  cold and windy, we’ll see how well I can really handle my Big Girl Retin A. 

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