Baby Botox

No, Baby Botox, is not Botox for babies.  It means a very low Botox concentration  to erase wrinkles that stills leaves  a full range of  expression and movement.  On Monday I had  an injection of “baby Botox” into the marionette lines at the sides of  my chin. Sitting on the examination table, I was so scared my knees were quivering.  Dr Marmur told me to push out my lower jaw and frown.  I could feel a little rush with each jab of the Botox injection.  Almost instantly, my anxiety level was replaced by  an awesome sense of contentment.  Zoloft could certainly take a few lessons from Botox.

The full impact will not be  seen for a few days, but within six hours I could see a remarkable difference.   I have loved the life I have had — my  family,  work,  friends and travel– but when I caught my reflection  in a mirror, it was a face I didn’t really recognize.  Today I keep   glancing in the mirror and see the girl I  knew.  I just can’t stop smiling.   Truthfully, I am so pleased with the results I am wondering where else I could use this true age eraser.  I don’t know if its the relaxation effect or the  clear benefits, but its almost addictive.

Good results are extremely dependant on the skill of the doctor giving the shot. One of the best ways to find a talented doctor  is  through the results of their work on people  you know.  I actually met Dr Marmur through a friend who showed up at  lunch looking like her  younger sister.  Laura  had gone to Dr M  and  seeing her smoother, fresher face  gave  me confidence   to go though with it.

Baby Botox cost $250, about the price of yet another jar of high end goop that would not make any difference.  On Friday, I will post the before and after photos that changed my frown lines into rather sweet dimples.

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