Did Botox Work? Judge For Yourself

I had my first shot of baby Botox on Monday  and took after pictures on Wednesday night.  According to Dr Marmur, the full effect has not yet developed, but 48 hours after getting “tox”, I can  see a clear difference. The lines  at the sides of my chin  and cheek are visibly diminished  creating a firmer  more youthful contour. 


I am pleased that an anti-aging product worked  as promised, but I’m still giggling about the Botox high.  Apparently this is a well known effect, but nobody writes about it.  Have you had this reaction to Botox? 

The maximum benefits  should be produced by next week and I’ll post those results too.  I’m also curious  how long will  it last.  Three months?  Six months?  How long  did the wrinkles stay away for you?

                             AFTER BOTOX        

4 thoughts on “Did Botox Work? Judge For Yourself

  1. I enjoy your blog and like being able to see the results on a real person!
    Having had Botox several times, I have found that the length of time that is lasts really varies on where I go to get it done.

    I now pay a little more but only get it from a plastic surgeons office rather than a smaller boutique type of places. But that is just my experience.

    It seems to last between 3- 5 months max for me and I get it where the eye brow furls.

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