Retin A — Week 4

This is getting a little boring.  Using  this Retin A  2x a week  is not causing problems– but I’m not feeling it.  Where is the glow?   I’m beginning to believe  that the generic ( read cheap) Retin A does not  have  what it takes to get the job done.  I’ve committed  to using the product for at least eight weeks  to  see changes in facial imaging from Dr Katz.  I think I’m going to give  into the temptation  and apply it every other night for a few weeks, then step it up to  every night.

Lets see what happens.  I know my face is going to be  rough and irritated, but  if the end point is  healthier skin, its worth the trouble.  I have been talking to  women who have been using  Retin A “for years” and who  are not impressed with the results.  I’m beginning to wonder if they are  using  this type cheaper generic Retin A formulation that just don’t have the juice.

3 thoughts on “Retin A — Week 4

  1. I’ve used it off and on for years and can’t really say I’ve ever seen postive results. My derm just started me on Retin-A micro recently – I had a little peeling the first couple of nights, but since then, no issues. Now, if it would just straighten out my wrinkles!

  2. I began using Tretinoin .05% about five months ago and am seeing really great results. When this tube is done, I will move up to .1%. It’s my understanding that you really want to be using it nightly for optimal results. Naturally, you may have to build tolerance by starting out slowly, lower %, from once or three times a week to seven. I also use 10% alpha hydroxy every day (that really catapulted skin changes), as well as daily use of Vitamin C, E, and Metrixyl 3000.

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