Biotin for Broken Nails

I’ve never had any problem with my nails– until now that is.  In the past six weeks my nails have gone from strong and shiny  to soft and brittle.  I’ve tried two different nail hardeners with no luck.  Doing a little online research, I learned that  low levels of  Biotin are linked to broken nails.  This is not a rumour or an urban  nutrition myth,  but a link backed up  by  well designed peer reviewed studies.

Best sources of Biotin are eggs, soy beans and nuts.  Ah a clue!  I try to avoid soy products,  limit  nuts ( calories) and since the summer salmonella outbreak, avoided all eggs.  Since my nail problems started six weeks ago and it takes several months for nutritional deficiencies  to show, the timing is right.  

There are  nail care products  formulated with Biotin, but  since nails cannot absorb vitamins from the surface, this is not an option.  My solution?   Add biotin to my diet.  My  choice   is increasing food sources food sources or taking a biotin supplement.  Normally I  would  add  biotin rich foods like a couple of hard bolied eggs.  Most nutritional studies have shown that the health benefis of a nutrient are only available from food sources rather than a pill.  However biotin is one of the rare nutrients ( vitamin C is another)  that can be effective in a supplement.

So now the question becomes — how much biotin do I need?  There is no RDA for this b-vitamin, so how do I know how much  I need? Or for that matter how much would be too much?  Have you ever tried biotin for your nails?  How much did you use?

4 thoughts on “Biotin for Broken Nails

  1. Never had it, but probably could use it. My nails have been in disrepair as long as I can remember.

    I’m a real fan of the shellac manicure. It lasts a full two weeks and strengthens my nails as well. It costs about twice as much as a regular manicure, but is well worth it to me. The polish from a traditional manicure only seems to last a couple of days for me.

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