New Year, New Retin A

I finally got  my new Retin A this week and I’m lovin it.  To recap my Retin A adventures, I  had been using .04% Retin A  micro with wonderful results.  Its the lowest dose of  one of the gentlest forms  of tretinoin and I got good results  without too much discomfort. After about 10 months, I noticed that  I no longer could see  that characteristic yourthful glow you get with Retin A  and  realized  it was time to move up to the next level.  Dr Marmur gave me a prescription for.1%  Retin A– the  turbo powered one, not the micro-sphere stuff.  And here is where I went rogue.  In my local CVS, brand name Retin A was about $200.  I decided to order a generic version from Canada for $40.  I was so proud … Continue Reading…

Pelleve and My Neck

When I started exploring anti-aging options I really wasn’t aware that my neck looked, well looked old.  After I  used   tools  like  Retin A and IPL, I could see a big difference between the texture and color between my neck and face– as if  I was wearing a heavy foundation.  On the neck there was that bumpy “chicken skin”, thick horizontal lines and lots of fine lines.  I’ve been using Retin A and sunscreen on my neck but apparently its nowhere near as effective for the neck.  Not good news.

There is a short list of anti-aging tools for the neck.  Top of the list is the full facelift ( Check out recent pix of Madonna.  Some experts believe that she   has had a facelift because  her neck  is … Continue Reading…

Pelleve– Three weeks later

Here are the pix I took before  and three weeks after my Pelleve procedure. To my eye there is a visible difference in contours of the face.   The smile  lines are not as deep   and  my jaw line a little tighter.   I don’t look in my twenties or  even in my thirties– but to my eye I just look more like the person I remember. 

I really like these subtle changes  much more than the  more drastic changes of a full face CO2 laser.  While that bad boy can erase decades of  lines, wrinkles and age spots, I find  the post -laser face looks waxy with a  pale  shiny appearance.  Its the  strange face you see on some of the women on The Real Housewives of You  Name the City.

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Pelleve Before and After Photos– Day One

These photographs were taken  at the time of my first treatment with Dr Prasad. ( Before on the left and after on the right)  I was a little disappinted that the changes that I saw in the  mirror were not completely captured in these pix.  I saw “girlish” contours that had  been missing for  many years.  Pelleve changes are in millimeters while surgical facelifts alter centimeters of facial contours.  Personally I much prefer the subtle changes  of  less invasive procedures, rather than the unaturally tight and altered appearance of a full face lift.

According to Dr Prasad, Pelleve  helps to restore volume and reduces  crow’s feet around the eyes and smokers lines around the mouth.  I don’t have the latter two problems,  but  by adding volume to the understructure of my … Continue Reading…

Dealing with the Sags and Bags

I have been on Retin A for over a year, fried off   facial hair and blasted away age spots with lasers and IPL. The surface looks great, but now I am ready to take on the bagging and sagging on my face.  The gold standard for lifting and tightening  is the full facelight  and/ or the CO2 laser– two steps I am nowhere near ready for.

I researched other options, and when I heard about Pelleve, I wondered if it was the anti-aging  tool I was looking for.  Pelleve is FDA approved for ” skin tightening for mild to moderate lines and wrinkles” ( FDA’s words,not mine).  It uses radio frequency to gently heat the lower layers of the skin to tighten existing collagen as well as encourage new collagen growth.  Lasers also tighten the skin, but leave you looking like a burn victim for 2-4 weeks during the healing process.  And I’m a slow healer.  … Continue Reading…

Are Organic Foods Healthier?

I have to confess that I  felt pretty smug about following the NHANES  anti-aging data and started to meet  the recommended 5-7 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  Given that the study linked high levels of vitamin C to  fewer wrinkles I was convinced I was on the right track. My sense of accomplishment was rattled  when I read that vegetarians  can have  higher levels of pesticides in their body because  they eat more  produce.  Not what I wanted to hear.   The article suggested that vegans and vegetarians eat organic foods, grown without pesticides to  get the health benefits of increased intake of fruits  and veggies without risk of additional chemicals.

Sounds reasonable but organic foods are significantly more expensive  than traditionaly grown  fruits and vegetables.  In my local market … Continue Reading…

Real Advances in the Science of Beauty

Last week I went to the annual Mount Sinai Advances in Dermatology Conference in NYC.  Begun over a decade ago as a local meeting, doctors now come from all over the world to hear  state of the art developments from the best and brightest in dermatology.  It is the creation of  Park Avenue dermatologist Albert Lefkovits– who by the way  has taken care of my daughters since they were teenagers.  He is such a good derm that I actually got flowers from a co-worker to thank me for recommending him.

By the end of the three day  meeting, I finally understood the difference between Sculptra, Radiesse, and Juvaderm, learned about the new sunscreen guidelines, and heard about  ways to deal with adult acne that  improves both breakouts  and skin aging.  Awesome!

I even found out about two new FDA approved  therapies  that hadn’t even been on my radar.  The first, Photodynamic Therapy, … Continue Reading…

The Beauty Power of Protein

The NHANES diet study/health study is the gift that keeps on giving.  This large, long term study found that,  in addition to the link between aging skin and vitamin C and linoleic acid, women with low protein intake  had an increase in aging and wrinkled skin.

The RDA for protein for adults is about 50grams a day– an amount  easily met with a large broiled chicken breast.  Inadequate protein levels are pretty rare in  the US and Europe and at first it was hard to see how this low protein  issues applied  to me ( Given that I practically live on broiled chicken breasts).  But then I spent the weekend with a vegan friend and by Sunday night I realized that  these types of restrictive diets  can be very low in protein.  Here’s what Trudy ate:

Breakfast:  Cream of wheat cereal, 1 glass  orange juice

Lunch: Avocodo, tomato and onion sandwich on pita bread, 1 Granny … Continue Reading…