The True Beauty Oil

Linoleic Acid ( LA) is found in vegetable oils including safflower, sunflower and corn oil.  Its an “essential oil” which means  its one of two fatty acids that are  necessary for  good health.   Linoleic acid  hs been  shown to lower risk of heart disease, cancers and  reduce diabetes complictions.   When it comes to aging,  lack of linoleic acid  can cause dry skin, hair loss and slow wound healing. 

The NHANES study found that   women who had the highest levels of linoleic acid intake had  fewer signs of skin aging.   Its so easy to increase linoleic acid,  its stupid.  Use safflower  or cornoil  to saute food or prepare salad dressings.    Safflower based mayonaise  and margerine  will supply the same beauty benefits.  How easy is that?

But don’t  overdo it.  Fat is fat and   linoleic acid rich oils still have 100 calories a tablespoon.  RDA for  linoleic  acid  can be met with 1-2 tablespoons  of  safflower  or sunflower oil.    The goal is to be   healthy and beautiful, not to gain weight.

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  1. Check out apricot kernel oil for external use, which is high in ALAs. I use it to cleanse my face, moisturize hair and body, and I have acne-prone skin, but it always helps and never causes breakouts. It’s the best oil for skin that I’ve found

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