Dealing with the Sags and Bags

I have been on Retin A for over a year, fried off   facial hair and blasted away age spots with lasers and IPL. The surface looks great, but now I am ready to take on the bagging and sagging on my face.  The gold standard for lifting and tightening  is the full facelight  and/ or the CO2 laser– two steps I am nowhere near ready for.

I researched other options, and when I heard about Pelleve, I wondered if it was the anti-aging  tool I was looking for.  Pelleve is FDA approved for ” skin tightening for mild to moderate lines and wrinkles” ( FDA’s words,not mine).  It uses radio frequency to gently heat the lower layers of the skin to tighten existing collagen as well as encourage new collagen growth.  Lasers also tighten the skin, but leave you looking like a burn victim for 2-4 weeks during the healing process.  And I’m a slow healer.  Like most of us I don’t have  two days for downtime, much less than two weeks.  In addition ( and there is no way to sound cool about this) lasers hurt and I am a coward.

Pelleve operates in the lower layers of the skin and spares the surface, so  there is no change in color or texture.  So no downtime.  And when I heard  that Pelleve is  painless, I was in.  Like every  anti-aging procedure, its important to find  an expert in the technique, and through colleagues in the beauty field I  got an appointment with Dr  Amiya Prasad, who has offices both in Manhattan and Long Island. An occular and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Prasad (   is one of the top experts on Pelleve.  While he believes that  nothing can match the benefits of a full facelift, he recognizes that most women today  do not want to invest the time ( and money) for a full lift.  He has found that Pelleve treatments give a patient enough of a change to make them happy.  In my  conference with him, I was especially impressed that he did not  try to oversell the benefits of  any anti-aging treatment.

Before he began, Dr Prasad took a series of before and after photos, including a Reveal photo that showed the areas of sun damage.  Dr Prasad, who is the author of  ‘The Fine Art of Looking Younger” showed me where the IPL had eliminated some problems.  Then Dr Prasad’s RN technician went to work.  First she applied a layer of ultrasouund gel and began moving the wand across acorss my face.  I had told her that I was interested in dealing with the aging  along my chin and my  neck.  She focused on one area  at a time, making 15-20 passes in each series.  The wand grew warmer, but never uncomfortable.  The entire procedure took one hour.

I couldn’t wait to see the results.  My skin felt a little  tight and I looked a bit rosy. When I looked in the mirror, I saw something I hadn’t seen in years– the girl I remembered.

Coming up on Friday– My Pelleve Before and  After Photos

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