Pelleve Before and After Photos– Day One

These photographs were taken  at the time of my first treatment with Dr Prasad. ( Before on the left and after on the right)  I was a little disappinted that the changes that I saw in the  mirror were not completely captured in these pix.  I saw “girlish” contours that had  been missing for  many years.  Pelleve changes are in millimeters while surgical facelifts alter centimeters of facial contours.  Personally I much prefer the subtle changes  of  less invasive procedures, rather than the unaturally tight and altered appearance of a full face lift.

According to Dr Prasad, Pelleve  helps to restore volume and reduces  crow’s feet around the eyes and smokers lines around the mouth.  I don’t have the latter two problems,  but  by adding volume to the understructure of my lower face, it lifted the shape and reduced  sagging.   Most doctors  recommend 2-4 Pelleve treatments given a month apart.  You can expect these improvements to last  up to 2 years. 

One more fact.  Pelleve is also one of the few anti-aging tools that can be used safely by women of color.  Lasers, IPL and even some forms of Retin A can all lead to  irregular and splotchy dark patches on the skin.  Sub-ablative radio frequency ( the technical name for Pelleve)  because it does not affect the surface of the face, can be confidently and effectively used by women with darker complexions.

The benefits  of Pelleve are supposed to increase in the next few weeks after the procedure.  On Monday I will post before and three week after  photos.  I’ll be really interested to hear if you see the differences I perceive or  if I am just delusional.

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