Pelleve– Three weeks later

Here are the pix I took before  and three weeks after my Pelleve procedure. To my eye there is a visible difference in contours of the face.   The smile  lines are not as deep   and  my jaw line a little tighter.   I don’t look in my twenties or  even in my thirties– but to my eye I just look more like the person I remember. 

I really like these subtle changes  much more than the  more drastic changes of a full face CO2 laser.  While that bad boy can erase decades of  lines, wrinkles and age spots, I find  the post -laser face looks waxy with a  pale  shiny appearance.  Its the  strange face you see on some of the women on The Real Housewives of You  Name the City.


Because Pelleve does not affect the surface of the skin,  you do not need to change your skin care routinue.  I was able to do  the  Retin A and my regular  sunscreen  routine the  next day.   While  its safe, painless and provides quick results, Pelleve  has one drawback– its expensive.  A full face treatment is $1800, a specific area is $900 and  usually 2-3 treatments are needed.  But I believe that its something worth saving for.  For example, brown bagging   lunch saves at least $10/day.  In three months that’s $650.  Cut back on one dinner out a week ( @$30/meal) and you save another $360. 

                                                                                                                AFTER PELLEVE

In six months, you’ll  have the cash  for two regional treatments– and probably  saved enough calories to drop a few holiday pounds. 

One final thought.  Most of the comments  and questions I get are from women in their twenties and  thirties who are concerned about  preventing aging.   I’m not that comfortable  recommending  high octane  anti-aging tools at such a  young age– I mean    you need to save a little something for menopause. By contrast,  it turns out that Pelleve’s subtle changes are  an excellent option  for thirtysomethings.  A  neighbor who is in her late thirties and pregnant with her third child,  is looking forward  to her post pregnancy Pelleve treatment.  It makes a perfect ‘push present’.

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  1. You look good! The price is a bit prohibitive for me, though.

    For younger women who are looking to avoid premature aging, use suncreen every single day, and the higher the SPF, the better. This was told to me by the first dermatologist I saw when I asked him about anti-aging creams.

    • Thanks so much! I didn’t know if I just saw what I wanted to see. I too got sticker shock at the price of Pelleve. I’m a great believer in the piggy bank method of getting something that’s too pricy. I cut back on non-essentials ( eg office lunches, after work dinners, and sometimes a shopping moratorium). I know its just moving the same money around, but It makes me feel better.
      And your recommendations are so right! I’ve been told that up to age 60, 80% of skin aging is due to sun damage. A good strong sunscreen is the best anti-aging tool.

    • Yes, the difference in lightening bothered me too. My husband takes the pix in the morning and sometimes its sunny and sometimes its cloudy– and that changes the lightening. I try to keep things equal by wearing a plain white tee shirt, no make-up and the same hairstyle and color. That’s why I was so delighted with the office pix at Dr Prasad. My head was in the exact same position and the photos taken one hour apart in the same room.

  2. I think you look great, there is a big difference I see in the “laugh lines”, and your jaw line looks great and I swear your nose even looks more lifted up and perky to me. I will be 50 this summer and I have been looking for something for the jawline and need a little something on the forehead that is non-invasive, might have to give this a try if we get a Dr. down here that does it.

    • THanks so much Terri. And I totally agree about the nose. As we get older, the loss of collagen makes the nose droop down. And in this case, after Pelleve tightened and increased the increase in collagen, it pulled that bad boy up. On Friday, I’m posting a photo taken after the second Pelleve treatment and the difference in the nose, is even more pronounced. I think that Pelleve works particularly well when the first sign of sagginig appears. If you email me where you live, I promise to find a doctor in your area who offers Pelleve.

  3. I just returned from the Dr. and my first Pelleve treatment. I am 58. In one hour the fine lines around my mouth and the lines between my brows are just gone. The deeper creases are diminished. Crow’s feet gone. The pronounced jowels are even smaller. My neck looks great. There is no redness, no shiny look, no pain, no needle marks. I had lazer pulse treatment a couple of years ago, and that worked great for age spots, but this took care of lines and wrinkles. I paid $1500 for the whole face and neck. This Dr. also uses a cold roller in between heating the skin. Results are immediate. In 8 weeks I will decide if I need another treatment. I am trying to maintain until 60 at which time I plan to go with the face lift. NOT the lifestyle lift. I went to the Dr. with the plan to get a couple of injections, but this is so much better.

    • I am thrilled that you are so happy with your results. I think Pelleve is one of the best and safest anti-aging options we’ve got in our toolbox. And you will see that the results get better over the next few months as the new collagen is formed. THanks for sharing with me!

    • Hi Terr2-Do you mind if I ask where your doctor is? It seems you got a great price for your treatment. I am in Texas-Thank you!

    • THe improvement lasts at least a year. Its not permanent because aging continues to happen and collagen continues to sag as time passes. Its not like Botox where the effects wear off in three months. But I love the combination of Pelleve and IPL. Pelleve to tighten the skin and IPL to remove dark spots and other discolorations.

      • I think your skin looks great. I had my first treatment Tuesday evening. I was suprised. It was painful in certain areas; around my eyes(figues, where I need it the most) and at my chin. So much so, I had to pull away when doctor hit certain areas. Doctor then went faster over those sensitive areas. I love the results but am gonna have to sych myself up (or take xanex and have a glass of wine) for next treatment due to pain. I also had a lot of redness but it was gone within 2 hours. Nasiolabio lines diminished immediately. I also think my eyebrows lifted a little to give me a more brightened look. Crows feet are reduced and also a patch of redness on left cheek is reduced. My doctor offered discount; 1/2 off package of three which came to $750-. I don’t think I would pay full price but I have two other treatments and need to see results.

        • Wow, I’m surprised it hurt. I didn’t have it done around my eyes and I did ask them to go very gently because I’m a huge coward. I would love to see before and after pix if you had them. You got a great price for a package of three treatments, but I would tell the doctor to lower the intensity of the treatment. Pelleve is great when its also done with IPL. THe Pelleve tightens the skin while the IPL erases dark spots and splotches– but don’t do them at the same time. Do one, wait 10 days to 2 weeks, then do the other.

  4. I had this done yesterday (April,3 2012). I am 42 and a sunworshipper. :). I saw immediate results and could not be happier. As time goes by the areas treated get tighter. I feel fresh and renewed. My turkey neck is gone. I highly recommend this procedure.

  5. hello I am thinking of having ths done, I am 42 and early premopause, but I would like to see pictures of you facing the same direction and same lighting, the first picture of you is facing the oppisite way your 2nd picture is much closer and you are looking straight at the camera, I also got a quote of $1800 and will make the attempt to pay for it but I want to make sure it really works, my sister had Ultherapy done and said I should do that instead, but that treatment is $3500.

    • Hi Lola,
      I’m not sure which photos you are referring to. I had two sets of before and after Pelleve photos taken by Dr Prasad against the same background looking in the same direction with the same lighting. If you go to my no-nonsense beauty Facebook page and click on Before and After Photos you can see all the different changes from different treatments.
      Keep in mind that Pelleve only changes the contours of the face. Retin A, microdermabrasion, IPL and Botox are less expensive options that can improve the quality of the skin and make a huge difference to appearance. That’s where I started and I was very happy with these results.

  6. I’m having this procedure on Thurs. My most concern is my sagging bowls. Does this procedure help with that area. I’am turning 60 this year. I live in New Orleans..what Drs would you recommend?

  7. very excited to see your blog, I am going to an info. meeting at my Drs. office next week. I just had cataract surgery and my face without glasses scared the heck out of me. Man do I look old, oh by the way I am 68. This is not ok, The cost is a bit scary but like so many said, I will do without in some other areas. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • LOL. Before you start signing up for treatments, lets talk about a plan. I would recommend taking off big freckles with laser then use Retin A to stimulate growth, clarify the skin with IPL and then firm it all up with Botox.

  8. My doc told me that after the three treatments, a one time a year “tune-up” would keep do the trick. Do you think that is accurate?? Thanks! this is a big investment for me, but a gift to myself for surviving Breast Cancer! I am 63 and holding together pretty well nut the sags and puppet lines drive me crazy. I have lots of ageing spots from working outside most of my life. I guess IPL and dermabrasion may be in my future as well. But all and all, after all the surgeries I have had, I do not want to go under the knife for a face-lift. Thanks. Victoria

    • Pelleve is a great tool, but the aging process continues and the improvemnts gradually fade. It also does not address the dark spots and rough skin that are a huge part of an aging skin. You certainly deserve a beauty makeover and I would start by removing freckles and spots with a laser or IPL. Then I would use a retinoid like Retin A or Refissa for two months to clarify and smooth the skin. Once the surface is clear and fresh, I would try Pelleve to tighten saggy tissue. I’d love to hear what you decide.

  9. I just had my first Pelleve treatment on Friday. I saw an immediate result. It is Sunday and I look very refreshed. I was told that the immediate result would wear off in a couple of days. Did that occur after your first treatment?

    • No, the immediate result does not wear off. In fact in the weeks that followed I saw even more improvement because the treatment encouraged the growth of new collagen which firmed up and lifted the chin area. Over a year, the aging process continues and the skin will look less fresh again.

  10. a treatment in Germany is 180 Euro a shot. So get yourself on a plane, enjoy Europe, and come back refreshed in more than one way.

  11. I’ve had one treatment just on the eye area. I was debating if to do more Pelleve treatments. It’s been 2 weeks and I really can’t see that much change. I was told that you can’t see much difference after one treatment that you have to do at least 3 treatments. I know the treatments are safe but they still don’t know the long term effects.

    • The attachment for the eye area was not yet available when I had my treatment. I’ve seen it work on others, but the results often depend on skill of the person doing the Pelleve treatment. I had visable benefits after one treatment of the face, but did not have it around the eyes. If there has been no improvement I would point this out to the doctor and ask for a complimentary treatment. As for safety,Pelleve is one of the safest procedures around. I have found that Botox is the best, albeit temporary, anti-ager around the eyes.

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