New Year, New Retin A

I finally got  my new Retin A this week and I’m lovin it.  To recap my Retin A adventures, I  had been using .04% Retin A  micro with wonderful results.  Its the lowest dose of  one of the gentlest forms  of tretinoin and I got good results  without too much discomfort. After about 10 months, I noticed that  I no longer could see  that characteristic yourthful glow you get with Retin A  and  realized  it was time to move up to the next level.  Dr Marmur gave me a prescription for.1%  Retin A– the  turbo powered one, not the micro-sphere stuff.  And here is where I went rogue.  In my local CVS, brand name Retin A was about $200.  I decided to order a generic version from Canada for $40.  I was so proud of all the money I saved.

When my bargain Retin A arrived, I was a  concerned that  it was yellow, not white, but I had faith in the label.  Concerned that  it would be too irritating, I used   a dab every other day for a week.  Nothing happened.  Then I used it every night.  Nothing.  I used two dabs.  Nothing.  I used it for a  month and while I didn’t get irritated, I didn’t see the lovely “pinking”   that I developed with  Retin A  Micro.   I even tried it under my eye.  Nothing.  I did everything but spread it on toast and eat it.  I don’t know what is in this yellow goo, but its not an effective Retin-A.

For my holiday present, I bought myself  .1% Retin A micro.  At $269 at my pharmacy, it was a commitment.  It turned out to be the right choice.  Within a week, I’ve got a little glow again.  I’m still using it every other day without flaking and redness.  My skin feels tight after washing — a signal to keep taking things easy– but I’m back in a good Retin A routinue. 

I’ve used  so many anti-aging tools, I’m running out of body parts.  Its going to get difficult   see  what procedure or product is  responsible  for changes.   That’s why I am so excited that a good friend  has volunteered to join me on this anti-aging exploration.  First  treatment, IPL for the brown spots on her hands.  I used  lasers and we can see  what a different approach can do.   Have a wonderful New Year!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Retin A

  1. It really irks me how expensive Retin-A is. $269.00 is just outrageous for what I assume is a 45 gram tube when it probably costs pennies for them to make. They have an entire country of middle-aged women over a barrel for this magic potion that no insurance companies will cover. Someone is laughing all the way to the bank and it certainly isn’t us “women of a certain age”.

    I’m sorry to hear the Canadian version did not work. I had been planning to ask my MD for a prescription for the 1% and I was also going to try to buy a cheaper generic product online. I also used Retin A Micro 0.04% and then I tried Refissa which is .05% but I would like to increase to the 1%. Apparently the stuff gets more expensive with the greater strength.

    • Yes, it painful to plunk down that kind of money for a skin care product. But what makes me even madder are the department store brands which are just as expensive and don’t have what it takes to get the job done. I too was very disappointed that the affordable Canadian product was a dud– I really thought I was on to a good thing. Let me know what you decide to do

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