A Biotin Success Story

During the fall my once boringly normal nails became soft and peeled off.  At first it was  just an annoying cosmetic problem — but then the peeling problem took my nails below the fingertip.  It didn’t look good and felt worse

Surfing the web  for solutions, I read that biotin, a form of B vitamin, had been linked  to soft peeling nails  and biotin supplements  could help.  if,  But and its a big  but,  biotin deficiencies are considered very, very rare.  Best sources of biotin are commonly found foods includinng eggs, fish, beans, yeast  and potatoes.  Here was  my first clue. 

After the  BP oil spill in May, I decided to stay away from fish.  In June the wide spread  Salmonella outbreak in eggs, had me crossing off eggs from my shopping list. Add to that that I don’t like beans, avoid carb rich potatoes  and  who actually eats yeast as a food item, its  likely that I was deficient in biotin.

I’ve been taking 60mg of biotin a day for about six weeks and I am delighted to see a genuine improvement.  The peeling has stopped  and  the nails now  have  normal hardness.  However, they are still growing quite slowly than in the past, so I’m still taking biotin to  help them stay healthy. Best of all? My little bottle of biotin cost $6.99.  I love  happy endings.

4 thoughts on “A Biotin Success Story

  1. I have pretty thick hair on my head so I don’t think I would notice a small change. However my healthy hair growth does not stop at my head– hence my first hand experience with hair removal with lasers, IPL and electrolysis. I wonder if Biotin would increase hair growth in areas where we don’t want it–eg arms, chin and legs. I would love to hear about your experiences with biotin. Did it increase unwanted hair?

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