Organic Lettuce– Healthy but Tasteless

Reading about all the pesticides and herbacides in fruits and vegetables, I finally scared myself.  I decided to start buying  organic versions of the produce  that has the highest chemicals levels  when grown in  commercial farms.  This week I started with a beautiful head of organic  lettuce that came with impressive credentials.   Grown hydroponically, it stated in no less than three languages that had been grown without  pesticides.

It was a real beauty, like a giant green rose. First I made a simple salad with a light vinegrette.  As soon as I tossed the salad,  the leaves collapsed into a pale green sludge.  The next day I  put a leaf on a tuna salad sandwich, and  the lettuce tasted thin and bitter.  After two  bites, I pried open the sandwich, took  out the lettuce and threw it away.

I thought that organic foods were supposed to taste fresher and better.  Am I making some  kind of organic newbie mistake?  Are there different brands of organic fruits and vegetables?  Does anyone know good organic sources in NYC?

2 thoughts on “Organic Lettuce– Healthy but Tasteless

  1. I don’t think you can brand organic food as tasteless because you got one head of lettuce. All organic means is it was grown without poison. Those pesticides don’t have any kind of pleasant taste to them. I’ve never had hydroponic food but I wouldn’t jump the gun and point fingers at that method either. My guess is you simply got a bad head of lettuce.

    If you want to taste the superior quality of organic food, go to your local farmer’s market, or grow your own!

    • I didn’t mean to imply that all organic foods are not as tasty as those grown with a witches brew of chemicals. It had been my experience that organic foods had a richer, deeper flavor and I was shocked as the texture and quality of this brand. My organic milk from Healthy Valley was so rich and flavorful, I found myself drinking a glass of milk, something I hadn’t done in years. I’m going to follow your farmer’s mrket suggestion. Union Square market has a great selection of organic produce, and I’m braving the snow to go there this weekend. Do you have any brand of organic condiments that you would recommend?

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