Can Milk Trigger Breakouts?

There are  undeniable benefits  being 50 plus. I don’t have to study for SAT’s,  I don’t have to endure “keggers” and I don’t have to pack school lunches–  so  why should  my aging face  have random breakouts?  I mean, if  I don’t  have the hormones to keep my skin  soft and firm why should the mirror  show inconvenient blemishes.

According to  my acne guru, Dr Albert Lefkovits, diet can play a big role in adult acne. And the big shocker   was the role  of milk and dairy products.  In a landmark study of 47,000 nurses, those that had more than three servings of milk a day had as much as 44% more acne than those that had less than one serving.

Researchers believe that its  not the milk per se that  is the problem but the hormones   that are given to the cattle to make them produce larger quantities of milk.  Those extra hormones can be enough  to trigger can eruptions, especially when you are over age 30.   But milk is the best source of calcium  which is essential for strong teeth and bones– and eliminating dairy products  is a bad  idea.  A better one?  According to Dr Lefkovits (, switch to organic milk and butter for hormone free dairy.

When looking at diet and acne, dairy is not the only bad actor.  Next week   we’ll look at the eye  opening connection between  sugar, acne and wrinkles.     There are alot of expensive  anti-aging options out there, but  changing you diet  can save  money as it improves  skin quality.  Have you found that certain foods  help or  hurt your complexion?

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