New Help for Old Hands– Part 2

Judith’s   hands  healed rapidly after her  IPL treatment. On Day One ( top left) the freckles  looked a bit red, but were not painful. Other than a sunscreen, Judith  did not need  to put anything on them   or to wear a bandage. Over the next week (bottom left )  her hand   developed  numerous  small brown spots which were exploded freckles. These   soon rubbed off  revealing  fresh new skin. The bigger freckles developed  crusted  over, which then   fell off to reveal  pale  spots.  After three weeks( bottom right) her  hands  had a  brighter, softer surface with just a few freckles that were much lighter than  before. 

And as an additional bonus, IPL  took care of the fine  lines   which made  her hands fresh and young.  Dr Lefkovits  has scheduled another visit  to totally erase the  remaining  shadows of the old freckles.

2 thoughts on “New Help for Old Hands– Part 2

  1. Hi Deb,
    I was wondering if you could comment about the aging or anti-aging effects of birth control? What are the implications for your skin of synthetic hormones. Thanks.

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