In Search of a Beautiful Smile

I was  thrilled with the effects of the Zoom teeth  whitening.  Admiring my gleaming white  teeth in the  mirror of my dentists waiting room, another patient  ageed they looked great, adding ”  It   makes your overbite less noticeable.”  I have an overbite?  I knew that  my teeth flared out a bit, but was it  that  bad?

Growing up,  money was tight for my writer father and artist mother.  Instead of fully tricked out braces, I had a bite plate with wires that were tightened  every so often. In later years,  I  had thought about getting real braces, but  I didn’t want to walk around with a mouth of metal as an adult. 

The  night after my Zoom treatment, I saw an ad for a new  tooth straightening technique called Invisalign.  I knew my amazing dentist offered this technique so I decided to explore my options.  Invisalign uses plastic forms that fit very tightly over the teeth. As the teeth move back, new forms are made  to keep  up the pressure on the teeth.  Since they are the same type of form used in bleaching trays, I  knew I could handle them. Even better, the  forms are practically invisable and don’t interfere with talking.  Time extimates vary from 12-18 months and costs depend on  how long treatment is needed. I’m starting next week by getting a mold of my teeth to see  what needs to be done. Getting braces at my  age  makes me feel like I’m back in high school.  Maybe this time, the  hottest guy  in the school will  deveop a  huge painful crush on me.

6 thoughts on “In Search of a Beautiful Smile

  1. Hiya Deb,
    I’m Sally from the UK! Hope you don’t mind me commenting. Great news re. your new white smile! We all want a “beautiful smile” don’t we? I really wish you all the very best should you pursue the Invisalign treatment. I myself have just completed a 2 year treatment but did not have pleasing results. I wouldn’t dream of trying to put you off, I would do it all again if I thought it would work!!

    As I’m sure you have researched, every case is very different so you can’t compare and maybe my end result would always have been the same but I was so disappointed with my ortho. I am left wondering if Invisalign are partly to blame as the trays never really fitted properly or whether my ortho was just plain shite. A couple of times she didn’t even check the new trays to see if they fitted correctly and I feel sure she reduced the wearing time (from 14 to 10 days) far too early into treatment.

    My advice is to know exactly where you are in the treatment at all times. That’s where I went wrong. I thought things were progressing nicely, only to find out in the last few months that the original promise of straight teeth would not be granted. I was only shown the clin-check at the beginning of series 1 so I didn’t know what the end result would be since I had 2 replacement series and of course I assumed the end result would be the same as the original series. Wrong!!

    Good luck and I wish you much success..

    • Hi Sally,
      I really appreciate your comments. I have heard the same problems from others and I will proceed very cautiously. On Wednesday I am going for a consultation and moldl of my teeth, and I’ll post about my experience.

  2. Invisalign is such a better option than braces. You can take them out for eating, which means you can still eat apples and other hard foods, you can clean the trays properly, since they are not stuck to your teeth and, best of all, you don’t look like terminator. Invisalign is a little more expensive than standard metal braces, but since the aligner treatment can be done by a dentist (rather than an orthodontist), you can potentially end up paying less.
    You need to be careful though, because Invisalign is only appropriate for mild/moderate crookedness. If your dentist misjudges the effects of the treatment, you may end up requiring bracket braces to finish off the treatment – and the total amount can end up costing more than if you had just starting with metal braces in the first place.

    • THanks so much for your comments Dita. In my case I’ve actually found that Invisalign costs were almost half of that quoted by a traditional orthodentist. Invisalign also does not require tooth extraction which is both an additional cost and can be painful. FInally another benefit is time. The traditional orthodentist that I saw estimated that it would take 2 years with metal braces to straighten out my overbite. With Invisalign the estimate is 9 months. I’m waiting for my first set of Invisalign trays and so ready to get started.

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