Did I Overdose with Vitamin A?

I was surprised to learn that vitamin A levels were not linked with  younger looking skin.  After all isn’t Retin A  a form of vitamin A?  But I was SHOCKED  to discover that my favorite multi-vitamin from Duane Reade had 5000IU of vitamin A, 3X the RDA.  Before I made a hysterical call to poison control, I looked at the label more closely.

The vitamin A in the pill was in the form of beta-carotene which the body then converts to Retin A.  And  here’s  the cool thing– the body converts only makes as much as it needs.  The National Cancer Institute recommends 6000IU of daily carotene which is equal to 1000 IU of vitamin A.   This means that my daily multi meets daily needs with a little room  left for  food sources.  Nice job!

In addition to shape shifting to vitamin A, beta carotene  has benefits all its own.  As an antioxidant some studies link it to lower risks of cancers.  Look over the chart  to estimate your beta-carotene levels.  You can actually  take in too much which will give  your skin an orange glow.   Most  of us  are not likely to OD on liver and lettuce, but lots of daily dieters  nibble constantly on raw carrots.  Did that happen to anyone?  How  many carrots were you eating?

Best Sources of Beta-Carotene (Per half cup)

*Carrots — 8,000 IU

* Sweet potatoes– 5,000IU

* Red Bell Peppers– 3800IU

* Spinach ———-3800IU

*Butternut Squash-3200IU

* Kale —————3100IU

* Frozen Mixed Vegetabes- 2500IU

* Cantaloupe——–2,000IU

* Mango————-1800IU

* Cabbage———–1000IU

* Dark Green Lettuce- 910IU


* Broccoli———–575IU

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