Another Vitamin for Beauty

The NHANES study looked at the diets of 32,000Americans and compared   the data to a wide range of health issues.  When it came to aging and wrinkles, the NHANES found that people who had diets high in vitamin C and linoleic acid had smooth skin and fewer wrinkles. Awesome!

Vitamin A is a fat-soluable which means that  its easily stored in the body.  Vitamin A is measured in  Retinol units (RE) and adults over  age 19 need between 800-1000 RE units/day.   This  vitamin   is available in  fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish and  meat. For example,  a pretty small carrot has  about 1100 RE of vitamin A.  In Western countries, vitamin A deficiency is  almost non-existant. In fact, its much more common to see overdoses of vitamin A.  Taking … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash #3

This week, the host of Fashion Flash #3 is Jodell at Black Cat Plus Blog.  This is an amazing site for information about plus size fashion that includes  tips, styles and where to buy  gorgeous affordable clothes when  you no longer wear  single digit  sizes.  And if you  are over 40 and looking for flattering work and  after five clothing, this is the place to visit.  Plus sizes  are designed to flatter a women’s  curves and have  both sleeves and longer hems and work beautifully when  body parts tend to get  softer and lower.

New Help for Old Hands

I had my freckles ( aka age spots) lasered off the top of my hands and posted the progress on my blog.  I was very happy with the results, but wondered how IPL ( also called  photo rejuvenation) would have worked.   To answer that question, Dr Lefkovits offered to use IPL on the freckles of a friend.

I knew just who to call.  Judith has had my back since we worked together in advertising. Dealing with some pretty difficult clients, she was always the island of calm in any storm.  Since I started my blog, Judith  has been an enthusiastic supporter and when Dr Lefkovits  made the offer, I punched in her number on my cell.  Tall and slim, she is a terriffic … Continue Reading…