The Atkins Diet and Your Skin

For the dieter who has been trying to quell hungar pangs with carrot sticks, the Atkins Diet sounds like a dream  come true.  Eat all the steak, butter, cheese, nuts and cream you want and still lose weight.  And people do lose weight.  Bacon and eggs for breakfast, hot dogs ( without buns) for lunch and a steak and small salad with blue cheese dressing for dinner. You get to  eat all those “forbidden” foods and  never feel hungry. And despite the crazy high levels of cholesterol and fat,   Atkins dieters  actually lower their cholesterol and triglycerides.  Crazy! But looking at  the diet from other health factors as well as  skin aging,  Atkins has some huge problems.  It has an almost complete absence of fiber,  vitamin C and vitamin A … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash Monday!

This week’s host is Shawna of Female Fat Loss  After 40.  Since March is National Nutritional Month I  had hoped that Shawna  would   tackle diets when she hosted Fashion FLash– and I wasn’t disappointed.  She  explored a question that had troubled me  for years– if I followed an aggressive exercise program,  did I need to  watch my  diet?  And  I got  my answer as  Shawna writes about  “training” a bad diet.

#2 Cause of Adult Acne

Many derms believe that  make-up and skin care products are  key triggers for adult breakouts. Dubbed Acne Cosmetica, it is usually seen  around the mouth, chin and jaw line. There are three ways  that  an anti-aging product   can  cause teenage  problems:

1.   Too Rich in Oil–

It’s  probably not news  that heavy, oily beauty aids can block pores and  provoke problems. Some oils cause more problems than others.  Lanolin is at the top of the list, closely followed by cocoa butter, mineral oil,  coconut oil, and jojoba oil.  If you’ve  had frequent breakouts, best  bet would be to go oil-free.

2. Fragrance–

The perfume additives that are used to scent a product have a  long history of driving acne  eruptions.  They create inflammation and it’s this irritation  which leads to a series of events in … Continue Reading…

Adult Acne- How Unfair is That?

Its true I love to watch Glee  and relive my high school memories with better music– but  I’m way too old to deal with teenage style  breakouts.  Or am I?  I was trying out  a new  oil free cleanser and  sunscreen   that promised to reduce signs of aging.  Well,  the new combo  gave me pimples and I don’t  count  that as a youthful look.

I had  taken this photo to show a baseline  photo before a laser treatment.  When I saw  teenage- style pimples next to my wrinkles, I buried the photo  in the  “never use” pile, too embaressed to use it. How could I  put up a photo with  zits when I’m doing  a beauty blog that shows what works and what doesn’t.  But I get so many questions about  … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Shoe sluts unite!  That’s the battle cry of  Shoedish who is  hosting Fashion Flash today.  This week the site is looking  ahead to what’s new in flip flops. It cold and rainy today, but reading Shoedish makes me  believe that flip flop seson is just around the corner.  When it stops raining, I’m going shoe shopping.

At No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I’ve been getting alot of comments  about my post on vegetarians and skin care. A new study showed that  vegetarians  had  more wrinkles.  It didn’t make sense.  For example,  studies have shown that higher vitamin C levels are linked to fewer wrinkles and vegetarian diets are so high in  “C”  its ridonkulus.  In addition   veggie based  diets are lower in fat and higher in nuts–two proven anti- wrinkle factors.  I’m trying to sort out  the data and comparing different … Continue Reading…

New Respect for Retinol

I have often mentioned my reservations about retinols vs the more powerful retinoids like Retin A.  When applied to the skin, retinols have to convert themselves to  a true retinoid before they can be effective. Researchers estimate that a retinol is only 25% as effective as a Retin A.   For example, a .1% Retinol (  a very common concentration) is equal to a .025 Retin A–  which is actually the mildest Retin A on the market.  And then there is the problem that most retinol products don’t say how much of the power  stuff they actually contain.  You can’t know if a  product is to weak to be effective or too strong and irritating. 

I stayed away from retinol products until wandering in the exhibit hall  of a derm conference, I picked up  free samples … Continue Reading…

Do Vegetarians Have More Wrinkles?

March is National Nutrition Month and I have vowed to eat at least 5 servings of  fruits and vegetables a day.  Its the minimum that most dietary  guidelines recommend and I can certainly see why.  Fruits and veggies are the source for anti-oxidants vitamin A, vitamin C, and then there is their all important fiber content. I was then stunned to  read  new study which found that vegetarians  had more wrinkles than  peple who ate everything. ???

How could that be?  The NHANES study showed that higher vitamin C levels and lower fat intake was associated with firmer, younger looking skin.   Vegetarians  usually eat lots of nuts which are rich in linoleic acid and linoleic acid  was also a key  factor  in fewer wrinkles. Drilling deeper into the topic, … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Fashion Flash is hosted by the fabulous Black Cat Fashion Plus.   This comprehensive site  has a unique and always on point approach to fashion.  It provides a great  overview of  gorgeous things to wear  if you are not size 2 and/or under 23.  And its   the  best web  source for dresses  with, wait for it, sleeves.

And this month its National Nutrition Month and I’m exploring different diets to find the  most effective anti-aging food plan .  This first one is the DASH diet originally developed  for people with heart disease.  Its low in fat,  salt and cholesterol and rich in fruits and vegetables. So far, so good.  But it recommends up to 11 servings  of  carbohydrates,  much too  high  even  when its the “good” carbs.  It is also … Continue Reading…