Retin A Road Rules

I get more questions about Retin A than just about any other topic.  I believe that  this retinoid is the foundation of anti-aging skin care- but it can be tricky to use effectively.  The package insert  never tells  you the important stuff like what’s the difference between the  available brands,  kind of cleanser to use, and  should you put a moisturizer on before or after the Retin A.

Ten years ago I tried Retin A and gave up after a week or two.  Now ten years older, I really needed to use it and I was determined to become a Retin A master.  I have been writing about my Retin A journey and posting the results, but its annoying to  have to track back through the archives to get the answer to a specific question.  When I want to know  something, I want to get a quick answer.  So I wrote Retin A Road Rules for a free PDF that you can  download when you subscribe to The No-Nonsense Beauty Blog. Just click on the new subscribe button to  the right.  If you need additional information you can always email me at

3 thoughts on “Retin A Road Rules

  1. I loaded up on my tenointin supply after I met my insurance deductible. But, I think I have not been very consistent using it. So, I do not get the desired results! How do you feel about Hyaluronic Acid along with it? And what do you feel is the purest form? I am 55 years old and starting to get the “neck” if you get my drift, and not to happy about that. There may be nothing I can do about it. But sure want to try! Any advice on exactly what I should do? Thank you, Deborah

    • Hyaluronic acid and retin a is an awesome combo. If you add ceramides you’ve got the anti-aging trifecta. I have found that when I keep my retin a near my bed I will remember to use it every night and don’t forget to use a pea size dab on your neck.

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