Do Vegetarians Have More Wrinkles?

March is National Nutrition Month and I have vowed to eat at least 5 servings of  fruits and vegetables a day.  Its the minimum that most dietary  guidelines recommend and I can certainly see why.  Fruits and veggies are the source for anti-oxidants vitamin A, vitamin C, and then there is their all important fiber content. I was then stunned to  read  new study which found that vegetarians  had more wrinkles than  peple who ate everything. ???

How could that be?  The NHANES study showed that higher vitamin C levels and lower fat intake was associated with firmer, younger looking skin.   Vegetarians  usually eat lots of nuts which are rich in linoleic acid and linoleic acid  was also a key  factor  in fewer wrinkles. Drilling deeper into the topic, I  wondered if  vegetarians could  have  lower protein intake– and  healthy  protein levels were also crucial to fewer  wrinkles in the NHANES study.  And then there is the carbohydrate levels in vegetarian meal plans.  NHANES found that higher carb levels in the diet  was a particularly potent wrinkles maker.  Vegetarian diets  can get plenty of protein by combining grains and beans, but  larger servings are needed to meet protein needs– as much as 11  servings  of carbs a day.  Protein can also be supplied by dairy, but unless  its  the low fat  kind, fat levels  can be higher than needed. All of these factors can be controlled with  detailed  planning, but its not easy. My cousin Nicole  is a vegetarian and thinks that  Caesar salad and french fries is a perfect vegetarian meal.  On the other hand, a vegetarian classmate at NYU typically   drinks a Kale smoothie for breakfast, has  a soy yogurt for lunch and dives into a  huge bowl of  brown rice, sweet potato and steamed escarole for dinner.   If you  are vegetarian do you  have  strategies for balacing nutritional needs?

6 thoughts on “Do Vegetarians Have More Wrinkles?

  1. I know!! Its a very strange study. But its large, very well done and takes into account other factors such as sun exposure and smoking. We both know there are a truckload of studies that show vegetarian diets lower risk of cancer, heart disease and even diabetes. But I think if you drill deeper into the issue, some answers might emerge. For example, it is also known that diets high in carbs produce glycation which is destroys collagen and restricts the development of new collagen. I think it might be important to control carb intake from beans and rice and to look to soy products for protein. THere are too many health benefits from a vegetarian diet to ignore– I would just tweek the daily menu a bit. Can you tell me a bit about your diet and how you became a vegetarian.

  2. Meat eaters eat far more protein than humans physically need, eat more carbs and get a lot less antioxidents needed to defend things like free radicals which causes wrinkles. It is not difficult to meet adequate amount of protein needs and vegetarians use healthier foods to meet that need. Many studies have proven that overall vegetarians tend to lead healthier lifestyles. Whatever study you read seems to make no sense at all. (There are always exceptions – just because someone is a vegetarian doesn’t mean they are healthy eaters and vice versa.)

    • I think the study is looking at either vegan diets or poor quality vegetarian diets which are very high in carbs and low in complete proteins. A true lacto-ovo vegetarian diets is so high in antioxidants its ridonkulus. And your’re right, that the health benefits of vegetarian have been proven many many times. To me the message is to focus on the fruits and vegetables and watch portion size of rice and potatoes.

  3. Well, fat plumps out wrinkle lines and vegan diets don’t get much fat.
    I’m a vegan and a lot of my friends eat horrible diets and have far less wrinkle than I do.
    I would rather be healthy with wrinkles than unhealthy with no wrinkles.

    This is a natural part of life.

  4. I’ve noticed, because I grew up in a vegetarian village that yes vegetarian seem to get wrinkle more fast than when I move here to san francisco, my family members that are here and eat meat. I notice people back where I grow up have dark circles (but maybe genetic) but definitely less elastic skin and wrinkle faster, same climate not that much sun

    • Very interesting observation. I actually seem to becoming more and more of a vegetarian and I ahve to remind myself to get enough protein every day. I make sure I have yougurt, cheese and beans everyday. I feel healthier but I’m want to look as good as I feel.

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