Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Shoe sluts unite!  That’s the battle cry of  Shoedish who is  hosting Fashion Flash today.  This week the site is looking  ahead to what’s new in flip flops. It cold and rainy today, but reading Shoedish makes me  believe that flip flop seson is just around the corner.  When it stops raining, I’m going shoe shopping.

At No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I’ve been getting alot of comments  about my post on vegetarians and skin care. A new study showed that  vegetarians  had  more wrinkles.  It didn’t make sense.  For example,  studies have shown that higher vitamin C levels are linked to fewer wrinkles and vegetarian diets are so high in  “C”  its ridonkulus.  In addition   veggie based  diets are lower in fat and higher in nuts–two proven anti- wrinkle factors.  I’m trying to sort out  the data and comparing different types of vegetarian  eating plans. I have a good friend who  order french fries and  a Caesar salad for a vegetarian lunch.  A co-worker drinks  two shots of grass juice and calls it lunch.  Neither one  has  good skin. Next  I’m going to look at macrobiotic   diets to see where it stacks up for skin care needs.  Do you follow a macrobiotic diet?  How do  you feel it  has affected your skin?

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