#2 Cause of Adult Acne

Many derms believe that  make-up and skin care products are  key triggers for adult breakouts. Dubbed Acne Cosmetica, it is usually seen  around the mouth, chin and jaw line. There are three ways  that  an anti-aging product   can  cause teenage  problems:

1.   Too Rich in Oil–

It’s  probably not news  that heavy, oily beauty aids can block pores and  provoke problems. Some oils cause more problems than others.  Lanolin is at the top of the list, closely followed by cocoa butter, mineral oil,  coconut oil, and jojoba oil.  If you’ve  had frequent breakouts, best  bet would be to go oil-free.

2. Fragrance–

The perfume additives that are used to scent a product have a  long history of driving acne  eruptions.  They create inflammation and it’s this irritation  which leads to a series of events in the pores  that ends  with red bumps and whiteheads.  Easy solution?  Use  only fragrance-free beauty aids.

3. Inflammatory Ingredients–

Certain ingredients used  in the  formulation of a beauty product have been linked to breakouts.  These include isopropyl myristate( a thickener), ocityl palmitate ( another thickener) and propylene glycol( helps ingredients penetrate the skin)  More recently  certain  new  turbo-powered  sunscreens such  Helioplex  have been linked to acne.

Before you go blind trying to read  the label ingredients for every product, look for those beauty aids which state that they are ” noncomedegenic”.  This usually means that they have been tested for breakout potential and are formulated without the usual culprits.  In my case, I had switched from   a super gentle oil free moisturizer with a 30SPF to an uber 70SPF with Helioplex.  It was a good idea to go up in SPF, but in  my case not the right idea.

Have you seen your skin react to a skin care product?  Have you found using  oil-free, noncomedogenic or fragrance- free helpful.  What products or ingredients do you avoid?  And most of all I’d love  to hear recommendations of products that don’t cause  acne.

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3 thoughts on “#2 Cause of Adult Acne

  1. Thanks for the post, but I feel like some derms are out of touch. It’s no secret that derms have been denying the link between nutrition and skin for many, many years, so I feel they have also missed the link between oils and skin. To go oil free is really not the best option for people who may have acne-prone skin. Yes, some oils are not as good as others, but going oil-free may not be the answer. I have acne-prone skin, but I use the oil-cleansing method daily, and it actually keeps my acne away. The key is finding the right oil for your skin. I do agree that additives may be causing some breakouts.

  2. Those who have recently had Lasik eye treatment or an actual lens replacement and are taking steroidal anti-inflammatory eye drops + NSAID eye drops post-procedure may also notice a coarsening of the facial complexion and, in my case, the first pimple forming since adolescence. Some people, apparently, are especially sensitive to the effects – both beneficial as well as the less desirable ones – of even short-term steroid therapy. Fortunately, the negative effects seem to wear off and reverse in 2-3 weeks of stopping the meds.


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