The Atkins Diet and Your Skin

For the dieter who has been trying to quell hungar pangs with carrot sticks, the Atkins Diet sounds like a dream  come true.  Eat all the steak, butter, cheese, nuts and cream you want and still lose weight.  And people do lose weight.  Bacon and eggs for breakfast, hot dogs ( without buns) for lunch and a steak and small salad with blue cheese dressing for dinner. You get to  eat all those “forbidden” foods and  never feel hungry. And despite the crazy high levels of cholesterol and fat,   Atkins dieters  actually lower their cholesterol and triglycerides.  Crazy! But looking at  the diet from other health factors as well as  skin aging,  Atkins has some huge problems.  It has an almost complete absence of fiber,  vitamin C and vitamin A and a mine-full of minerals.  Because there is no fruit on the Atkins diet, you are also missing out on the powerful antioxidants in colorful foods like berries, oranges and peaches. And while there are supplements that can supply these  nutrients, the NHANES study showed it was  vitamins in the diet and not from supplementation  that decreased wrinkling.  And I can’t forget that high fat diets are linked to increased lines and wrinkles.  With its total focus on protein, the Atkins diet  has always been expensive.  Today with food prices soaring, its  just scary.

One last  thought. About ten yeas ago my husband and I went on the Atkins diet.  In two weeks he lost 12 pounds and looked and felt great.  I lost 3 pounds and wound up in the ER with  my first gallbladder attack.  I’m just saying.

One thought on “The Atkins Diet and Your Skin

  1. I love the Atkins Diet! I am having so much success it is hard to think about stopping until I reach my goal. The fact that I can eat foods that I like, makes it easy for me to stay focused and on track. I do take vitamin and mineral supplements. Thank you for pointing out other things that I did not know about the Atkins Diet.

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