How Good is The Clarisonic Skin Cleanser?

I have been intrigued by the Clarisonic Skin Cleanser, but was put off by its $250 price tag. Its not that I didn’t think I was worth the money– I didn’t know if the machine was that special. At a health and beauty trade show ( HBA) this year, the Clarisonic was offered at a special show price and I was in. When I finally got around to trying it, it was after I had used a wide range of skin care tools. After lasers, IPL, Pelleve and glycolic peels, I was doubtful that a little home machine could make much of a difference. I was wrong.

 Clarisonic cleansed and polished my skin– but was gentle enough so that I could use Retin A an hour later. It can … Continue Reading…

The Link Between Carbs and Wrinkles

The NHANES study looked at  the diets of 32,000 Americans for ten years and  then compared the diets to a wide range of health issues including  heart disease, cancers and heart disease.  When it looked at aging, I was thrilled to read that  they looked at the links between diet and wrinkles.  I’ve posted the impact of   vitamin C, linoleic acid, andfat in an effort to come up with a true beauty diet.  I found it especially interesting that  as carb intake went up, so  did the number of wrinkles.  Its good to know,  but what type of carbs?

The NHANES study did not differentiate between well-known bad actors like cookies, mac and cheese, pizza and “healthy carbs” like barley,  whole wheart bread, rice or even fruits.  I didn’t know … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash Monday

I’m so glad to  be host of fashion flash this week:

The Shoe Dish  is putting up her heels ( don’t worry, its only temporarily) to expore the wide world of casual shoes for  for the outdoor enthusiast. We could hike in high heels, but even we’ll admit that Machu Picchu is better traversed in hiking boots.  Check out  their favorite finds for casual comfort shoes  that are as cool as they are comfy.

* Female Fat  Loss Over Forty   asks ” what’s holding you back from your fitness goals.”  Maybe its your mindset.  Shawna K, female  fat loss expert explains how to get your head in the fitness game.

* Black Cat Plus  looks at  changes in the overall plus size fashion  market  and  how it … Continue Reading…

Humidifiers for Winter Dry Skin

These days, cold dry weather and Retin A tends to make my skin  feel dry and looked rough.   When I measured the humidity in my bedroom, I found it was less than 25%.  For easy breathing and soft skin, experts recommend  an indoor humidity of 30-60%– which would explain  my stuffy nose  and dry skin  in the morning.  I began searching for ways to add moisture to my home.  I’ve often read that putting a bowl of water on the radiator will relieve dry air.

To check its effectiveness, I filled up a soup bowl with water  and put out my hygrometer.  The first night was especially cold and I opened up  the radiator full blast.  The water in the bowl soon turned hot and I wondered if … Continue Reading…

Retin A Road Rules

I get more questions about Retin A than just about any other topic.  I believe that  this retinoid is the foundation of anti-aging skin care- but it can be tricky to use effectively.  The package insert  never tells  you the important stuff like what’s the difference between the  available brands,  kind of cleanser to use, and  should you put a moisturizer on before or after the Retin A.

Ten years ago I tried Retin A and gave up after a week or two.  Now ten years older, I really needed to use it and I was determined to become a Retin A master.  I have been writing about my Retin A journey and posting the results, but its annoying to  have to track back through the archives to get the answer to a … Continue Reading…