The Big Red Beauty Food

The NHANES study  found that women who had diets high in vitamin C  had  fewer lines and wrinkles.  Good to know, but  what  does that mean  in terms of real food?   I started to look into vitamin C rich foods, and discovered that tomatoes  offered a great nutritional package.  In the US, over half of our daily vitamin C intake is from tomatoes.  In addition to being essential for the formation of wrinkle- busting  collagen, vitamin C is also a  uber anti-oxidant that  protects against aging free radicals.  And the benefits don’t stop there. From the  tiny cherry tomatoes to the giant beefsteak, tomatoes are packed with potassium, beta carotene and disease protecting lutein and lycopene.  Even the skin of a tomato is  super rich in quercetin, a much studied anti-aging anti-oxidant.   And what’s really awsome, every … Continue Reading…

A Beauty Bonus for my Neck

Here is a pix of my neck ten days after removing the various bumps and splotches.  The scabs are gone and  the redness is slowly fading. To avoid awkward stares  questions,  I am still wearing scarves and chuncky necklaces to cover them up.  I found that powder mineral foundation does hide them,  but then rubs off and stains  my tees and blouses, soI’m sticking to camouflage rather than make-up.  Now that I’ve worked so hard to  polish up   my neck and chest  I want to protect it from new problems.  I had three types of spots:

Brown spots:   These are a combination of age and sunlight.  The former I can’t so anything about– the latter just needs a daily sunscreen.  Done.

Skin tags: These are also linked to … Continue Reading…

I’m Hosting Fashion Flash Monday!

It’s Fashion Flash  Monday and we have an amazing new blogger in our group:

  Catherine of Obsessed with Shoes knows her footwear and this week  she spotlights  the trend to bright colors with  to-die-for  pumps from Charlotte Olympia. 

Black Cat Plus in celebration of Earth Day 2011 profiles several  well known designers including Diane Kennedy, Neon Buddha and Pure & Co who are using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing best practices in an effort to keep the environment a priority in producing eco-friendly plus size fashions. 

Menopause Makeover has amazing posture tips that can make you look pounds thinner and more confident!

Fab Over Forty  shows how to diminish age spots and sundamage at home  with PMD Microdermabrasion

Female Fat Loss Over Forty has expert Rick Kaselj offering  some  insights into how … Continue Reading…

Universal Beauty Questions: Adult Acne

I have been getting   quite a few questions about  acne past the teeneage years.  Its not really surprising  since  up to 50% of women over  25  have acne  problems.   And  while its not an anti-aging issue, the whole point of  getting rid of  age spots   and wrinkles is to look better– and getting rid of  breakouts certainly falls  under that category.

Question 1: I am 45.  Can I use my daughter’s acne soaps and gels to control  my breakouts?

Probably not.  During the teenage years bacteria in the pores  are a  major driver of breakouts.   In moms, not so much.   Benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient found in many acne  cleansers and treatments products, works by attacking these bacteria, and is a go-to ingredient in  many  acne products aimed at teenagers. When you’re  in the … Continue Reading…

Neck and Chest Freckles, Day 1

No, I didn’t get attacked by a flock of vampire bats.  This is what my neck looked like the day after Dr Marmur  removed some freckles, skin tags and red spots.  As before, I had  applied a lidocaine cream to numb the area, but Dr M felt that I needed a  bit of injected lidocaine to be more comfortable. She used a laser on the freckles, cut off the skin tags and eliminated the red spots, called cherry angiomas, with electricalcauterization.  Thanks  to the lidocaine,  the whole procedure was painless.   She topped each spot with a dab of Aquaphor and a non-irritating strip to cover  them.

The treated spots look alot  worse  than they feel.  In fact, I had far less discomfort with this treatment than I had when … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash Monday is Fabulous Over 40.   Recently,  the Glam Gals  have posted about  the vanishing waistline,  how to wear white and today’s post is an amazing analysis of Michelle Obama’s style. They note  her use of bright colors, little cardigans instead of  jackets and conservative styles in gorgeous fabrics.   Bottom line–Jojami and Deb make shopping  fun again. 

And if you’ve  never read Kris Carr, you’re in for a treat.  A  young beautiful actress, she went for a check-up and was diagnosed with untreatable liver cancer.  This news would crush most people, but Kris decided to make her journey for answers into the next stage of her life.   She video taped   her search for ways to deal  with illness– and turned her spiritual and  nutritional  journey into  Crazy … Continue Reading…

An Apple A Day Keeps Wrinkles Away

The NHANES study which looked at the links between nutrition and health  included a section that  reviewed  diet and skin aging.   One finding  showed  people whose diets were higher in fiber had fewer lines and wrinkles.  Nice to know, but the question is why?  One theory is that fiber helps control blood sugar levels.  Its those spikes in sugar that set off a series of events that ultimately damage collagen and impede growth of new strong healthy collagen.  And its collagen of course that is so important in keep the skin smooth and  freee of lines and wrinkles.

Current guidelines reccommend  20-30 grams of daily fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  ( And this figure is 2-3X  the 10 grams a day that  most Americans consume a … Continue Reading…

Red Carpet Shoulders

Watching the celebs walk the red carpet during awards season, I began to focus on the flawless  chests and creamy  shoulders of the stars  in their strapless gowns.  Was I  the last woman in America with  age spots  on my upper body?

The short answer is  no.  This is an often overlooked spot until a dress or bathing suit suddenly reminds you that sun damage doesn’t stop at the chin. That’s the bad news.   The good news?   There a buffet of spots removers including skin bleaches, IPL, lasers, Fraxel, peels and  microdermabrasion. The question is  which one  is the best.   According to Dr Marmur, I have several  different types of discolorations that require  different types of treatments.  For example the true freckles can be easily treated with a YAG or Ruby laser– the … Continue Reading…