An Apple A Day Keeps Wrinkles Away

The NHANES study which looked at the links between nutrition and health  included a section that  reviewed  diet and skin aging.   One finding  showed  people whose diets were higher in fiber had fewer lines and wrinkles.  Nice to know, but the question is why?  One theory is that fiber helps control blood sugar levels.  Its those spikes in sugar that set off a series of events that ultimately damage collagen and impede growth of new strong healthy collagen.  And its collagen of course that is so important in keep the skin smooth and  freee of lines and wrinkles.

Current guidelines reccommend  20-30 grams of daily fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  ( And this figure is 2-3X  the 10 grams a day that  most Americans consume a day).  However,  many   high fiber grains are  also very high in carbohydrates–  which then triggers aging high blood sugars.  The good news is that  each serving of   fruits and vegetables  delivers 2-3 grams of  fiber.  And if you follow the 4-5 daily servings of fruits and veggies, plus 2-3 servings of whole grains and you’ve more than met  great nutritional requirements– without raising blood sugar.

Check out the chart to help you plan fiber healthy menus.  This chart gave me new respect for  apples.  It has a generous payload of fiber and is super high in vitamin C–  the vitamin most closely  linked to  smooth youthful skin.  A daily apple is a true beauty food.

Fiber Rich Foods

* 1 apple —————-3.2 grams

* 1 cup bran ————18grams

* 3/4 cup cantaloupe -1.4 grams

* 1 raw carrot———–3.7 grms

* 2 stalks celery———2.0 grams

3/4 cup corn kernals—4.2 grams

3/4 cup cabbage——–2.1 grams

1/2 cup lentils———–4.0 grams

1 pear———————2.8 grams

1/2 cup strawberries—2.6 grams

1 slice  wheat bread—- 2.2 grams

1 zucchini—————-3.o grams

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    Some may call me a Honey Crisp Apple Hoarder! I purchase loads of them at a time especially when they are in season! And when they are not in season I settle for a fuji or gala apple. Long story short apples are a huge part of my diet and here is yet another reason why they will remain a huge part of my diet!

  2. I love an apple for desert, baked with some cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled on top! Yum!

    I have featured an Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home…


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