Neck and Chest Freckles, Day 1

No, I didn’t get attacked by a flock of vampire bats.  This is what my neck looked like the day after Dr Marmur  removed some freckles, skin tags and red spots.  As before, I had  applied a lidocaine cream to numb the area, but Dr M felt that I needed a  bit of injected lidocaine to be more comfortable. She used a laser on the freckles, cut off the skin tags and eliminated the red spots, called cherry angiomas, with electricalcauterization.  Thanks  to the lidocaine,  the whole procedure was painless.   She topped each spot with a dab of Aquaphor and a non-irritating strip to cover  them.

The treated spots look alot  worse  than they feel.  In fact, I had far less discomfort with this treatment than I had when I lasered off the freckles from  my hands.  It does look pretty gross so  I have been exploring neck  hiding techniques.  The first night I want to a birthday dinner with two BFF’s.  It was too warm for a scarf so I turned up the collar of a white shirt, pinned the collar closed and then wrapped  my neck with a triple strand of fake pearls. It hid my red spots, but it was hot and uncomfortable.  The next day it turned cold  and I think I am the only person in New York who is happy it  is scarf weather again.

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