I’m Hosting Fashion Flash Monday!

It’s Fashion Flash  Monday and we have an amazing new blogger in our group:

  Catherine of Obsessed with Shoes knows her footwear and this week  she spotlights  the trend to bright colors with  to-die-for  pumps from Charlotte Olympia. 

Black Cat Plus in celebration of Earth Day 2011 profiles several  well known designers including Diane Kennedy, Neon Buddha and Pure & Co who are using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing best practices in an effort to keep the environment a priority in producing eco-friendly plus size fashions. 

Menopause Makeover has amazing posture tips that can make you look pounds thinner and more confident!

Fab Over Forty  shows how to diminish age spots and sundamage at home  with PMD Microdermabrasion

Female Fat Loss Over Forty has expert Rick Kaselj offering  some  insights into how to relieve knee pain through proper exercise.

And  Fabulous After 40  describes how to look gorgeous in  cocktail attire when your middle aged feet  won’t let you wear high heels and your arms need a little cover-up.

And after you’ve clicked through the info-packed Fashion Flash, check out  The Small Change Diet ( Gallery Books), a book  from one of my favorite nutritionists, Teri Gans. Most diet guides offer fairly standard advice —  eat more  fruits and veggies,  avoid potato chips and  brownies while  providing  menus that feature  kale, quinoa and fat-free cheese slices.  All good advice, but in real time try to  find kale and quinoa  in your local diner and burger spot.  What makes Teri so different is that she explains how to  meet established nutritional goals despite over packed schedules and limited restaurant food choices.  For example, rather than just  saying  you have to  eat low fat chicken, she provides no less than 8  different ways  to cut  the fat levels of chicken  both at home and in restaurants.  And she does this with dozens of  different foods. Success or failure  of a diet often depends  on the small hidden calories that add up.  The Small Change Diet  identifies all those  small  areas  where  you can  improve your diet outcome.

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