The Beauty of Broccoli

Searching for  multi-tasking foods that deliver  both health and beauty, you don’t have  to look further than broccoli.  It has been growing wild in the Mediterrean for centuries and plays a big role in the healthy lifestyles of Greece and Italy.  A scant cup of raw chopped broccoli  provides almost 40% of the RDA of vitamin A, and 155% of vitamin C — and all at  a mere 28 calories.  That’s impressive.  But wait there is more. Broccoli is a member of the Brassica family that includes  cabbage and brussel sprouts.  All of these veggies contain indoles, compounds that protect  against certain types of cancers.

Broccoli is  available and affordable all year  round. Raw broccoli carries  the full payload of nutrients.  Steaming or microwaving preserves most of them.  If you boil  broccoli in  a cup or two of water you will lose 1/2  of the vitamin A, C and indoles.  

I’m now  in the market  for broccoli recipes– stir fried with chicken or beef,  added to soups, folded into low-fat quiche or souffles, sauteed with garlic,  or whole what pasta with broccoli. Is there such a  thing as broccoli bread?  Anyone have  more great ways  to cook broccoli?

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Broccoli

  1. it’s better to blanch it just a little too… that way, it keeps its fresh look and the nutrients we can get from it!

    • Such good idea! Broccoli is wonderful for dipping , bu raw broccoli is a bit too tough for me. Having a bowl of blanched broccoli ready in the frig is a great quick snack to reach for. THanks so much for the tip.

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