Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host for Fashion Flash is Kari  at Fab Over Forty. She  has, IMO, the best  makeup picks on the web.  Recently she reviewed the new Burberry colors for Spring.  Too many make-up colors are either too bright, too brown or too pale for me.  Kari   profiled the Burberry  shades that  work for women  who find  most brands  miss the mark.  She spots new colors and trends  and puts them into context with 40 plus beauty needs. And the Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40  offer incredibly timely fashion advice on trench coats.  Apparently it is never going to stop raining– and good  looking rain gear is  now as important as the right shade of lipstick.  Reading the Glam Gals advice this week, I am definately going  out to buy that red raincaot I saw on sale at Filene’s.

And after you’ve read through the Fashion Flash posts, pick up a copy of Consumer Reports which  has a fascinating article on comparison of diet plans– a favorite  topic of mine.  It compares the nutritional profiles of Jenny Craig, Slim-Fast, Weight Watchres, Zone, Ornish, Atkins, and Nutrisystem.  It reviews four factors- nutritional breakdown, calories, short term weight loss  and long term weight loss to come up with an overall score.   And the winner was …. Jenny Craig!  This finding was backed up  by a study published in  the uber prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)   that found an awesome 92% of  participents stuck to the Jenny Craig program for two years– and that  on average they lost 8% of the weight.  Nice numbers, but keep in mind that Jenny Craig paid for the study.  Still I am curious  how it works and I am really tempted to try it to lose those last ten pounds — which have been around since my last child went to high school  She is now a college graduate, married and expecting her first child.  Its time.  Jenny Criag is pricy with an annual membership of almost $400/year  plus the  cost of the food.  Has anyone tried Jenny Craig?  How did it work for you?

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  1. Try the Fat Flush plan. (it’s a book) It’s basically a liver detox. It’s AMAZING. Changed the way I thought about eating and my understanding of blood sugar etc. It’s basically low carb no dairy diet that encourages you to eat proteins and vegetables and fruits with supplements like magnesium. It’s written by a nutritionist and there’s a separate cookbook. It wasn’t a difficult diet to adhere to–no food cravings–the only thing difficult is food preparation as processed foods are off the menu as are most restaurant foods. (I hate preparing meals). But there’s a two week induction diet and then you go back to moderating your carb intake etc. Totally changed my life or the way I think about dieting.

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