Me and My Decollete

Since I started   my anti-aging journey I think that  the most frequent problem which my friends and  co-workers  shared with me  for was the freckles and sun damaged skin on their chest, AKA the  decollete.  Often their chests seemed permanently sunburned and a few had developed  skin cancers which needed to be surgically removed.  Polling my all-star team of dermatologists for a solution, I got a range of different answers.  Some suggested salicylic acid peels, while other suggested Fraxel laser, CO2 lasers  or skin lightening cream.  

Before I vounteered a friends’  chest freckles for science, I decided to try out some of these options  on a large brown spot on my chest.  First approach– a laser.  The series of photographs show  this bad boy freckle before and after treatment.  First photo show that  that its not  that  bad, but in a strapless dress or cami top,  it does look out of place. The second photo is the day after my freckle  met a laser.  The area  was red and aw  but the procedure was not uncomfortable and over quickly.    The  shiny stuff is Aquaphor for  healing.   I wore a bandaid over it for the first week to protect the area from infection and to protect my clothes from the  ointment.

The last photo is 10 days after the laser treatment .  I’ve still got some healing to do.  The brown spots that were removed on my neck and face  healed quicker than on the chest.   I wonder if chest discolorations are more resistant to treatment than those on other parts of the body.  This particular brown spot is in the medial line in center of the body and I know that this  area tends to produce scars  more easily.   I’m really glad that I’m testing out different methods on myself before I involved a friends’ freckles.  Have you ever treated your decollete?  I’d be really interested to hear what worked as well as what didn’t.

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  1. I can relate to this article, unfortunately. Being very outdoorsy, an avid outdoor swimmer and always looking very young, and not being truly warned about what the sun could do to my chest, one day I turned 47 and saw that I had that scooped ring of tanned, reddish skin that ended where a scoop necked top or bathing suit would stop. I always wore sunscreen but being in the water a lot didn’t help. And then I found out a few years ago that most of the popular sunscreens on the market were not that effective.

    I have yet to do anything as Retin A and Vitamin C make it break out in sores. I have researched IPL but have heard too many horror stories. I am considering using the Obagi program with hydroquinone/Retin A combo (low dose, like .025 of tretinoin) to try to lighten the area. Now I slather on sunblock with zinc oxide and usually keep the area covered with a long sleeved button down UPF shirt when I go out. If I had daughters, I would teach them at a young age about sun protection and protecting the delicate decolletage…

    I also use a mineral powder when I wear lower cut dresses and tops to try to blend in the darker, reddened area with my non sun exposed skin. My biggest regret of my life is the amount of sun exposure I received and I wish I had been born in 1981, rather than 1961 as that generation has so much more knowledge than I had.

    • Its such a common problem. I am going to be exploring solutions this summer and will be posting the results. Retin A mixed with hydroquinone makes sense, but I am not sure if it is safe to use over the entire chest for the two-three months recommended treatment time. Right now I am using I using a 60SPF on my chest as I explore options.

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