Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This  week the host of Fashion Flash is Catherine of Obsessed with Shoes.  After   six months of winter  surgically attached to my boots, I am so ready for sandels– and this site  has all the latest.  This week  she asks ” Do you like designer  shoes, but not their price? — and offers  amazing budget friendly look alikes.

And after you have all the great Fashion Flash  posts, check out  the new book” Makeup for Ageless Beauty” by Linda Mason. This celebrity stylist has worked on some very famous, very beautiful  faces including Brooke Shields  and Kim Alexis, but in this book Mason offers  makeup advice  for real women.  I  especially liked her makeup options  for women  with grey hair.  Most of the models in the book are 40 plus, making the advice   relevant and useful to me.   I have a  drawerful  of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushers  that seemed   like a good idea at the store– but  never seemed to work at home.   Reading  Make-Up for Ageless Beauty, I saw that my color choices were good, but I was not using them properly. Mason’s  makeup “maps”    showed me  much better ways to use what I already owned.

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