Anti-Aging Skin Care for the Legs

I was so pleased with the way Clarisonic smoothed and polished  my face I went out and bought  the body brush.  It is about 30% bigger in diameter and the bristles are  a bit thicker and longer than in the facial brush.  When I applied  it to my legs I could feel more vibration from this brush than I did to my face.  Going in small circles with the brush, it took about a minute to do each leg ( lower part only.  After treatment my  skin felt  so deliciously smooth and soft,  I kept touching it, just  to confirm the sensation.

Even in my oddly lit leg self-portrait, you can see the benefits of Clarisonic body brush. The” before” leg on the left is dry and flaky while after treatment the leg on the right is smooth and even. Thse results are quite different from those of a loofah. After using a coarse natural sponge my skin felt very very clean, albeit a bit tight and slightly red in spots. By comparison Clarisonic removed only the loose dry skin leaving the skin silky and radiant.

I used Cetaphil, my go-to favorite facial cleanser, but I think that  I could do  better with a richer formulation.  Any suggestions for a moisturizing  body wash?  I  want a rich, but fragrance free formulation. I   tend to favor  all fragrance free   products, but in the summer months it is especially important to avoid sweet smelling products because fragrance tends to attract  flies and bees.   Nothing  wreaks a smooth leg line  like lumpy, red, itchy bug bites.

The Clarisonic brush is pleasantly affordable at $29.95 and its available at Amazon.   If you have already purchased the Clarisonic  device, you’ve already made the bigger investment in your skin  and the body brush is an excellent add-on.

6 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Skin Care for the Legs

  1. This is really a fantastic before and after. I am traveling these days and have been in very dry climates for the past 4 weeks. My skin has visibly become dryer and I have tried using extra thick moisturizers with not much luck. This sounds like my ticket back to smooth pretty skin!!! I have heard great things about the Clarisonic to see “proof” like this is exciting!

  2. that is very nice, most people concentrate on the face when it comes to anti solution, the legs and other parts of the body deserve it as well.

  3. We are thrilled you love your Clarisonic! We are happy that you’ve found a great routine for your skin and are getting great results! Cheers!

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