Its Fashion Flash Monday!

I’m so delighted to be hosting Fashion Flash again.  I can always count on  our bloggers to offer up to the minute  fashion, beauty and health advice.  This week I was super impressed on the  thought and insights of my fellow Fashion Flashers:

* Black Cat Plus  asks  if we should eliminate the term plus size fashion as Queen Latifah suggests.

* Female Fat Loss Over Forty wants  you to get inspired to start a home-based fitness program.Female Fat Loss Expert  Shawna K shares one client’s experience.

* Fabulous After 40 asks  is it sheer madness or sheer beauty?  That’s the question the Glam Girls are asking about  one of this summers most popular trends. 

* Staness Jonekos, author of Menopause Makeover interviewed Bart Simpson who is really Nancy Cartwright.  Check out her “I’ve still got it moment” and inspirational life.

* We constantly  her about the latest skin care products but sometimes the best advice doesn’t come in a jar.  This week, Fab Over Forty   offers nine top anti-aging tips

* Obsessed with Shoes  profiles  the  just arriving Fall 2011 designer shoes  starting with Camilla Skovgaard. The season looks amazing!

And when you’ve checked out these great blogs,  I suggest you look at Curly Girl ( Workman, $13.95)  an amazing new book  on the care and styling of curly hair. I have straight  hair, but my two daughters  have curly hair and I wish this book had been  available to them when  they were teenagers.    Beauty standards   make curly girls work way too hard to  flatten out the natural beauty of their hair.  Curly Girl empowers women  to enjoy the natural beauty of their  curls.

The author is  Lorraine Massey and  not only does  she have  super curly hair  she is a  celebrated  stylist who has developed an international following.   So many beauty books have such similar info that  I have to check the cover to remember  which book I am reading.  Not so with Curly Girl.  Packed with original and innovative ideas it starts  by  explaining  the nine different types of curls and how to style each one.  Massey continues with her recommendations that curly hair  be cut dry and  to avoid all detergent based shampoos.   The book also contains a DVD to demonstrate styling techniques for each type of curls.  If all beauty  books had this type of  effective and  original advice it would be a lot easier for all of   us to look good.

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