Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Its Fashion Flash Monday and this weeks’s host is  Jodell of Black Cat Plus.  Today  she is featuring Simply Silk, an online-label that  has a totally useable collection of simple tunics and pants topped with eye-catching  tops.   The Glam Gals at Fabulous After Forty are exploring  how to wear summer white. I’ve bought several  white pieces, but   felt I looked  huge, like a  nurse or like a huge nurse.  Now I get  it– just add color!  Hot AND exhausted?  Over at Menopause Makeover, Staness offers  great tips on dealing with sleep problems during  menopause. 

Now that bare arms  season is  here for real, I am especially aware of what I eat.  This week, I looked at The South Beach Diet.  I am really impressed by the  design of this plan  for three  key reasons:

1.  It was designed  by a well -respected cardiologist, Dr Arthur  Agatston who  earned his stripes for  important research in invasive cardiology.   It makes me trust his ideas and approach.

2.  Its a low carb diet that  contains all the  things you should eat and none of the sutff you shouldn’t.  Because its low carb you will avoid  the glycation problems that  has been linked to earlier skin wrinkling. 

3. The affordable meals plan can be easily followed both at  home, on the road and in restaurants.    Basically you can stay on the  South Beach Diet  with a rotisserie chicken and salad bar.  Its that  easy. 

There are three  stages to the South Beach Diet.  The first one is a very strict, very low carb plan and I could not stay on it more than two days.   No prob.  Its designed for more rapid weight  loss to motivate  us and  you will still drop pounds on stages two and three.  The low carb, low salt, low cholesterol meals are also packed  with  anti-aging nutrients including anti-aging omega-3 unsaturated fats.  You will more than meet the 5 recommended  servings of fruits and vegetables that  are linked to  younger looking skin.

This diet  meets all  my requirements.  It’s controls heart healthy, controls weight, reduces diabetes risk and follows the NHANES recommendation for  fewer lines and wrinkles.  The original book came  out in  2003.  He has now extended the brand with   cookbooks, with recipes provided  by some of the coolest chefs in South Beach Florida.

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