Does Everything Cause Dark Circles?

Apparently in addition to genetics, stress, age, salty foods, sunlight and skin type, allergies  can also trigger  dark under eye shadows.  I  had brought my dark circles under control with Triluma, a combo of Retin A,  hydroquinone and a steroid to keep things calm.  After three months of  use, you could see a real change.  However  Triluma can only be used for three months at a time and then  you need take a three month holiday before it can be used  again.  Its that strong.

In the meantime, I made sure to use a 20SPF sunblock under my eyes and avoided  pizza  and chinese food– two high salt foods– that were big dark circle triggers for me.   When my  three month Triluma holiday  was over, I  didn’t need  to  use it again.  

 I was feeling  pretty smug about  by under eye managemnt when the worst allergy season  in a decade hit the New York area.  And along with coughing and congestion,  allergies bring on  under eye shadows.  After  a few weeks of sneezing, my shadows came back in force.   ( see pix above)  Allergies cause blood vessels to swell, and under the eye,  swollen blood vessels  increase the red/blue   skin tones.  And  allergies are the gift  that keeps in giving.  In addition to  shadows that look like I haven’t slept for a week, the extra fluid  is causing  under eye bags.  If these  continue, the skin will become stretched out and the bags will be permanent long after the last grain of pollen has drifted away.  

Not to panic, I popped a Zertec  for allergies and plucked out  my trusty tube of Triluma.  But when I opened the tube, the once white  cream had turned a lurid yellow and it smelled like rotten eggs.  According to  my pharmacist,  sulfur is used as a preservative and the color and ssmell  indicated that the Triluma  had “expired” — their word not mine.  These things happen, but Triluma is $300/tube and  according to my calculations, I  had wasted about $270.  Instead of getting a new tube of Triluma I decided to try another  approach to dark circles.  Clarisonic which makes an incredible facial brush also has a serum in a unique delivery device. Called the Opal Sonic Infusion System it  promises to reduce puffiness and dark circles.  The serum contains a host  of effective antioxidants, vitamin C  and caffeine–the later known to constrict blood vessels.  Allergy induced dark circles are due to swollen blood vessels and caffeine  should encourge  these vessels to shrink back to normal.    Sounds plausable.

I am going to  try the device for a month and post  the before and after pix.  I’m asking alot  of  this little device to deal with under eye shadows  in an allergy season, but  I hope we’re both up to the challenge.

3 thoughts on “Does Everything Cause Dark Circles?

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    • Hi Tyler, Actually I do have the domain name, I’m just not sure what to do with it. If you’re just beginning to get dark circles, make sure you apply a sunscreen under the eye area. Allergies can also provoke them so with spring coming, see if the pollen season makes them worse. If so, try an antihistamine before going to sleep to prevent fluid buildup under the eyes.

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