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This week the host of Fashion Flash is  Shawna  of Female Fat Loss after 40.  And  I am so delighted to announce  Fab Over Fifty has joined Fashion Flash.  If you’ve never visited   this site, you’re  in for a real treat.  It is a large, beautiful site  that offers daily advice in a wide range of subjects  including health, beauty,  diet, fitness finance, travel– all aimed at  women  who no longer have to do homework.  She has  the biggest crew of highly qualified  experts on the web and if you have a question, this is the place to go.

This week I looked at The Dukan Diet Book, the current “diet du jour”. The book has been appearing on  best sellers lists for more than a year.  Created by Dr Pierre Dukan, a Parisian physician, the  book  is a world  wide sensation– particularly in Korea and Bulgaria.

Its basically  low carb diet and a VERY strict one at that.  Not only is it low  carb, it is low salt and VERY low in fat. In its first “attack”phase  only lean protein is permitted.  No bread, no potatoes, pasta, rice, sugar in any form, no vegetables, wine or fruit.  No additional fats are to be added to the food.  According to Dr Dukan this phase should  last 3-5 days.  Even he admits that its going to be 3-5  rough days with fatigue, bad breath, and constipation.

The next step is the “Cruise”  phase where 1-2 servings of vegetables  are now allowed.  This is to followed until you lose the necessary weight, or you can’t take it anyone.  ( His concept, not mine). The third and final phase is called “transition”  when other foods are  added back albeit in very limited quantities–eg two slices of whole wheat bread and one fruit per day.

So far the Dukan Diet is  a pretty familiar very  low carb diet, but  it does have  a really interesting ( strange?)  additional concept– you can increase weight loss when you are cold.  About  half way through the book he recommends drinking cold liquids , eating cold foods, sucking on six ice cubes a day,  taking cold showers, lowering the heat in the home, and even wearing fewer sweaters and blankets.  Dr Dukan claims that following  all these suggestions  can burn an additional 500 calories a day.  Maybe its worth a try–  you can lower your carbon footprint and  lose weight at the same time.

From a beauty  point of view  the Dukan Diet gets a mixed report card.  The high protein and low sugar means that you’ll avoid skin- aging glycation and the low sodium helps avoid under eye swelling.  However  because of its very limited servings of fruits and vegetalves, it is woefully low in vitamins A and C– the collagen building nutrients.  The absence of oils makes the Dukan diet seriously  low in linoleic acid- a true beauty nutrient.

The Dukan plan is a tough-love low carb diet and I bet if you can stick to it, you will indeed lose weight. Have you tried it? Did you lose weight? Was it as hard to stay on as it seems? And most importantly, did you try the ” freeze yourself thin” concept?

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