A Role Model for Beauty Service

Now that I have embarked on  an  all out attack on my puffy eyes and dark circles  I charged the  Clarisonic Opal treatment disk and  per  their directions, prepared to patch tested the serum  on the inside of my arm.  But when I squeezed out a few drops, it was a sludgy amber colored  goo rather than the clear gel that I had seen  in the samples.  In addition, the container seemed practicallyempty, although I had  just opened it.  Something was wrong. 

I went back to Sephora to buy a replacement.  But when I explained the situation  to   sales associate and asked  which one  I should get, she  went to speak to her manager.  After looking at my  serum, the manager  went to a drawer and replaced the cartridge  free of charge.  I was blown away.  When was the last time a store stood behind their product like that?  I  was already a frequent flyer at Sephora.  I  like their large selection, the ease of shopping  and their policy of refunding your money  if a product  just doesn’t work  for you.  But this type of customer service  deserves a special shout-out.  I think both Sephora and Clarisonic deserves extra credit  for  taking so  much pride in their products.   It makes me even  more confident in them and comfortable about  my selections.

Back at home, my  patch  test went smoothly.  I had no problem with the serum and prepared to use it tonight under  my eyes.  Rereading the brochure, I saw that I was to avoid the soft tissue directly under the eye and focus on the skin around the occipital bone.  This means  that I can’t treat the dark circles as well as the lower pouch areas, but I will take what I can get.

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