Are Salads still healthy?

In recent days it has been hard  to pick up a newspaper or read online headlines without  another troubling story about deadly  food poisoning in Europe. Each day the experts identify another possible culprit. One day its killer cucumbers. The next day  fingers were pointed at tomatoes.  For a few days, they were sure it was  bean sprouts.  Now conventional wisdom is pointing at salads  in general and some officials in Europe are recommending to stay away from tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. That’s not good news.  Fresh fruits and vegetables  are just what studies like the NHANES have shown  to be linked to younger skin and fewer wrinkles. 

But the current outbreak is troubling for two key reasons–1) Its caused by a genetic recombination of two different types of … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Skin Care for the Legs

I was so pleased with the way Clarisonic smoothed and polished  my face I went out and bought  the body brush.  It is about 30% bigger in diameter and the bristles are  a bit thicker and longer than in the facial brush.  When I applied  it to my legs I could feel more vibration from this brush than I did to my face.  Going in small circles with the brush, it took about a minute to do each leg ( lower part only.  After treatment my  skin felt  so deliciously smooth and soft,  I kept touching it, just  to confirm the sensation.

Even in my oddly lit leg self-portrait, you can see the benefits of Clarisonic body brush. The” before” leg on the left is dry … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Today the  Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 are hosting Fashion Flash. They recently posted a great article on how boomers can   wear the new sheer styles that are so popular this summer.  Now I get it!  When I saw them in stores, I passed them by without a second  thought.  With Jojami and Deborah’s style eye, I  now see how well they can work for me, especially for travel and summer restaurant dinners.

And now that the sun  has returned, please remember that  90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure.  The best way  to reverse  sun damge is with Retin A and  if you “like”  me on Facebook, you can download a  free copy of my guide to using Retin A.  Called Retin A Road Rules, it explains  how it works, the different types and strengths, and signs … Continue Reading…

Anti- Aging Beauty Questions

With the return of  warm sunny days,  I’m getting a flood of great sunscreen questions.  Since 90% of  skin aging  is due to sun exposure, UV protection is just about the smartest thing we can do to avoid  wrinkles and dark spots.  But it can be harder than  just grabing a tube of goo and dabbing it on.

Question 1: Help! I know  I should use sunscreen, but they makes my skin break out.

I know about that  first hand. Its so unfair.  If you have oily or acne-prone skin, some sunscreen formulations can provoke breakouts, even in women over 40.  You should start by looking for oil-free formulations. Check the labels and avoid ingredients like beeswax, petroleum, parafin  and shea butter.  But oil  isn’t the only problem.  Breakouts over 40 are  the result of inflammation, rather than the hormone/bacteria axis, so  other … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Bracelets

A while back there  was a fad for copper bracelets that were  supposed to cure arthritis.  Pretty silly.  This year I’ve discovered bracelets that can genuinely help prevent signs of sun damage.   These disposable plastic wristbands  monitor how much sun exposure you are getting– and since 90% of  ski aging is due to UV raays, this little band  is a true beauty aid.  Called SunSense they give you two important pieces of info–1) It  lets you kow how much sun you are getting and 2) it shows you  how well your sunscreen is working.  Here’s how it works:

1.  Before going ouside, wrap the band around your wrist and then apply sunscreen to your body and  on the band.

2.  When you go out in the sun the band turns … Continue Reading…