Can Peaches Share Their Beauty?

I love peaches– white ones, yellow ones,  big ones and  very big ones.  Looking at their deep gold color , I was sure that they were bursting with a smorgesbord of vitamins and fiber.  Not really.   Delicious and low in calories, they have  some vitamin A , a drop of vitamin C and that’s pretty much it.  I was certain that their shaggy sweet pulp  would  have a truck load of fiber– but no such luck.

July and August are peak peach months and I really enjoy eating a ripe peach on a hot day.  But from an anti-aging perspective, there are other fruits with a heavier nutritional payload.  One final thought-  peaches are one of those foods that tend to be heavier in pesticides.  If you eat a lot of them ( eg every day)  you might  want to choose organic peaches.

2 thoughts on “Can Peaches Share Their Beauty?

  1. Thanks for the real take on what peaches really have to offer for healthy skin. You can make a lovely body scrub using peeled organic peach, jojoba oil and brown sugar just for soft skin kicks!

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