Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Geri of Fabulous Over Fifty. This  has been one of my favorite sites and I put it on my blogroll when  it first appeared about eight months ago.  It’s  filled with  original information from both readers and experts and has, IMO, the best giveaways on the web. Geri is a seasoned journalist who worked for Fairchild publications for twenty years ( they  publish Woman’s Wear Daily and W).   She  sees great stories everywhere and every morning there are  numerous  new posts to explore. Where once I started the day with The New York Times, now  I click on Fabulous Over Fifty.  It’s that good.

And when you’ve explored Fabulous Over Fifty and  our other informative Fashion Flash  posts, you  might  want to look up  one of my favorite  health and beauty books, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.  It was written by  Gaylord Hauser, one of the first celebrity nutritionists.  Born at the turn of the century, Hauser was health and beauty advisor to  the great stars of  his time including Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow and  his  lifetime BFF Greta Garbo.  I discovered my first Gaylord Hauser book  in a dusty junk shop  when I was  15, and I was mesmerized by  his approach to diet and skin care.  He described what he called  the “beautyfarm diet” which featured lean meats and lightly cooked fresh vegetables and fruits.  In an era  when people ate fried and canned everything, Hauser  believed in  healing  power of fresh natural foods.   Following  his suggestions I lost  my baby fat and  my skin calmed down. Last week, I just found another copy of his book in yet another second hand bookstore and its also available   on Amazon.  In an era of  magic fixes and strange scientific claims,  his books  still  have some of the best info around.  Mirror Mirror on the Wall   includes exercises, diet plans, and  even recipes for beauty oils and masks.  Its worth  hunting for.

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