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This past winter my nails became very soft and started  to peel and break. They were so fragile that there was nothing to file.  I started to take biotin and within a few  weeks   my nails did a big turn around.  They became  hard and strong and I  no longer looked like I bit my nails down to the nub.  ( Not a confident  look).  It wasn’t that I wanted to sport a set of talons, but   the fingertips would become painful as the  weak nails  tore   off below the tip.  

I stopped taking biotin out of sheer laziness and all was fine until last month when   I saw the tell tales signs appear again.First  the tip of the nail would start to flake off.  Then  they became  so soft  and ragged that I was constantly catching them in my sweaters. This time I didn’t wait until  they all were shredded.  I   started to take biotin again.   I  had been trying to lose weight and I cut out egg yolks and  ate smaller portions of protein.   That may have been enough to  drop my biotin levels below what is necessary for healthy nail and hair growth.

There is no RDA for biotin and the suggested  levels are all over the map. When I went to  a vitamin store, the salesman tried to sell me biotin complexes– biotin  mixed with a stew of other amino acids and minerals.  I’m wary of these combo’s and they were about $30/bottle. There were also super high doesages of biotin and I’m not a big fan of mega doses either.   I settled on 60mg/day and  a bottle of 100 capsules cost me just $6.99.  Last time I used them they worked beautifully in a few weeks.

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