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This week the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover. Menopause is more than  just the end of your period, much more.   This amazing site has the health, diet and fitness info you need to deal with these changes.  This  time of life can radically alter metabolism.  I’ve always had to  count calories and could only stare enviously as my skinny friends ate anything they wanted.  Menopause  now has made us equals. Formerly trim friends  now  have to learn  new ways of eating to  keep their weight down– and Menopause Makeover offers  the tools they need.

And when you’ve explored Menopause Makeovers (  try her Noble Prize worthy  recipe for low carb,high  protein waffles), check out a new beauty book by one of the most respected dermtologists in the world.  Dr Neil Sadick has written 12 text books, contributed more than 70 chapters to medical texts and  is listed year after year in New York’s” Best Doctors”.   His book, “The New Naturals” is a wonderful resouce explaining the newest  anti-aging techniques– and how to combine them for the best results.  In addition to the standard Botox and Laser options, Dr Sadick details  the pros and cons of cutting edge therapies including  stem cell therapy, the vampire lift and Thermage.  Dr Sadick also  believes that herbals  and supplements  have an important role in anti-aging beauty care and he devotes a chapter to explain his recommendations.

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