The Anti-Aging Diet–Pears

Yesterday  was the first day of fall– and nothing says fall like a ripe juicy pear.  These  beauties  provide hydration and if you eat the skin, a nice serving of both fiber and vitamin C.  In fact one  pear provide 4 grams of fiber at the cost of  just 95 calories.  By comparison 1/2 cup of cooked beans ( famous for their fiber) have 6 grams of fiber at 150 calories.

All pears eg Anjou, Bosc, Bartlett, and Comice share the same nutritional profiles.  Most of the nutritional payload in pears is  in the skin,  so canned and cooked pears don’t have the same anti-aging benefits.

Selecting the perfect pear can be a bit challenging.  A ripe  pear is very fragile so they are always  taken off the tree when still green.   There is a very fine line beween a hard unripe pear  and one that is soft, brown and mushy.  Best test?  If you press dow on the flesh around the stem and it yields slightly, its a perfect pear.

Pears are a great snack with a bit of cheese and a few nuts.  I also add chunks of pears to an endive and blue cheese salad and tuck a few slices into a grilled cheese sandwich.  Just keep in mind that  pears need to be served with their skin  to  keep their nutritional benefits.  Peeled  pears just  are too high in the glycemic index scale  to be a beauty choice.

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