Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week Fashion Flash is hosted by Cat of  Obsessed with Shoes, a gorgeous site that profiles the trendiest shoes.  Last week she featured a beautiful midcalf platform  boot that converts to an ankle style.  In New York ,where black is  still the new black,   Cat’s  shoe picks make every outfit  fabulous.

And after clicking through the info packed Fashion Flash blogs, go to the Beauty Bash site  to learn about an incredible two day health, beauty and fitness expo.  Hosted by  Fashion Flasher Geri  of Fabulous Over Fifty, Beauty Bash takes place  on October 1-2 at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York City.

Come meet the people and products that will  help you look and feel fabulous.  Sample innovative products and talk  with celebrity  stylists, fashion and beauty icons, world … Continue Reading…

Beauty Diet Close-Up: Onions

I’ve always harbored a feeling that onions are a healthy food.  While low in calories ( 46 calorie per 1/2 cup)  and virtually fat-free  I was surprised to learn that onions are pretty light in nutrients.  However onions contain substances which are linked to reduced risks for heart disease, asthma and some types  of cancers especially colon cancer.  For example onions are  extremely high  in quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve  breathing. 

From a beauty aspect, quercetin has been linked to elastin growth–those tissue fibers essential for smooth, wrinkle-free skin.  Quercetin also  helps vitamin C  function in the body   increasing circulation and reducing inflammation– both of which are necessary  for healthy collagen. But wait there’s more. Onions  have been used in wound healing, sore throats,skin  infection and scar … Continue Reading…

Skin Deep Results of Hydro-Facial

Before my Hydro-Facial at the office of aesthetic surgeon  Dr Paul  Lorenc, his technician Carissa took a series  of  before and after  photos that were brutally honest. In the first pix,  the dark spots all over most of my face were signs of sun damage below the skin.  And here’s the scary part–  according to their calculation  I had mild-minimal damage.  I’ve got to see what significant damage looks like.  Note that  my forehead is pretty clear of dark spots.  I’ve worn  full bangs for 30 years which  has apparently protected the skin from sun damage.  Imagine how good my skin would  look with a full beard.  Around my eyes  you can see dark melanin pigment on  the lids as well as under the eyes.  Now I know  what’s driving my dark circles and … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Kari of Fabulous Over Forty is hosting  Fashion Flash.   I’ve been huge fan of   Kari’s site for years.  She really tries out everything and I know that when she says an eyeliner doesn’t smudge, you can wear it through a tornado.   And I’m really excited that Kari and I will be  presenting together in NYC at Beauty Bash on Oct 2. Fabulous Over Fifty has organized an   amazing two day  health and beauty  expo that  will feature  an army of experts in skin care, women’s health, hair care, nutrition and fitness. Next week, I’ll be providing more details and a link to secure tickets.

After clicking  on Kari, you might want to check out  Getting The Pretty Back by Molly Ringwald.  Yes, that Molly Ringwald– the ultimate  adolescent in The Breakfast Club … Continue Reading…

What’s the best way to deal with brown patches?

Darkened areas  on the cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, age spots, and  hyperpigmentation  are all basically  the same problem– excess melanin production in the skin.  It  can happen at any age, but as  we grow older  it becomes more of a problem.  While we often focus on lines and wrinkles as signs of aging, clearing  brown spots and splotches  can erase years from your skin. 

While there seems to be a boatload of options, there are basically two different approaches:

1.  Products that inhibit the skin cells from producting melanin.

2.  Procedures that actually remove darkened skin.

One of the  most powerful tools against hyperpigmentation  has been hydroquinone, but  many doctors use it cautiously.   There were reports of increased pigmentation and  allergic reactions  with hydroquinone and  but according to Dr Wendy Roberts  these problems were often due to contamination of hydroquinone products. Doctors found that it was the … Continue Reading…