Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She recently  threw down a challenge to  the  rest of rest of us to join her in a structured fitness program.  Jojami  of Fabulous After 40  took  it on and  has posted a video clip  of her progress.  We were together at Beauty Bash and she looked  amazing. But  even more impresive was her stamina.   After six hours   on her feet at the Fabulous After 40 booth, she was still bright and bubbly– and in  4 inch heels!  

And when you have  checked out all the linked posts on Fashion Flash, go back to Fabulous After 40  and click  on The Ultimate Cure for the Dysfunctional Closet DVD from Jojami.  I thought I had my clothes under control, but  Jojami is a closet grand master.  She takes you through   cleaning out  the content,  buying the right tools, and how to put  it all back.  The Ultimate Cure for the Dysfunctional Closet is an extremely well done video– funny, well edited and with great energy.  I’m not surprised since   Jojami has been connected to  media since childhood.  Her  dad is actor James Best  who was a fixture  on TV westerns in the fifties and on The Dukes of Hazzard.

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