Its Faux Tox Friday!

Question:  Do  Botox  creams really work?

Answer:  Its sounds  like  a back room  beauty product– Botox in a gel that  you simply  apply  to the skin.  But its really happening.  A true  Botox  topical gel is  deep in clinical trials and results are very encouraging.   The gel is applied to  the skin  by a physician and delievers about 25% of the impact of a Botox injection.  According to Reverance Therapeutics which is developing the gel, more than 200 patients have been treated with it and it  has been shown to be both safe and effective.   It will be approved for treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and offer  a reasonable  option for those of  us who cringe at  injections. I’ve heard that the price  for applications will be  significantly less than true Botox, about $150/treatment. 

However keep in mind  that  you won’t be able to use it at home.  Every application will have to be done in a doctor’s office.  Its still in clinical trials and probably won’t be available for another year.  But its very nice to know its coming.

Currently there are a number of  existing  products that claim to  have Botox-like effects.  They often contain  ingredients  like argireline  which  is supposed to inhibit a unique protein in the cells that sends  signals from nerves to muscles.  At least that’s the way its supposed to work.  Most experts  are not impressed with the results and I am going to wait  for the real thing.

4 thoughts on “Its Faux Tox Friday!

  1. I have tried the Bee Venom cream and it works by fooling the skin in to thinking its been harmed and sends collagen and ellatin to the surface thus plumping out the lines. I have botox and this really works on all the face, around the mouth etc and helps all those other areas. Well worth a try, I am delighted with the results. I got mine from and they also sent some other samples for me to try. Te eye cream was amazing.


  2. Dr Oz had a person on this week with a product called GABA Super Antioxidant Wrinkle Cream that has results that last for several hours. The comment with the product was “use it before you go out for the evening” implying that it would make you look better for your date.


    • I am a huge Dr Oz fan and feel that his books are great roadmaps for maximum health. However the clinical studies on GABA are fairly weak and none of the doctors who are my blog advisors feel it is worth using. In fact one study found that it actually increased inflammation which can lead to increased collagen destruction and older looking skin. Sometimes these products actually contain ingredients that tighten the skin temporarily by lightly gluing the skin cells together– much the way an egg white mask feels on your face. In fact they mention that you might see a powdery white residue after a few hours which is the “glue” starting to break apart. However it does give you a few hours of tighter looking skin which is not a bad thing but its not a neurotransmitter.

  3. I’ve tried so many creams but in the end Botox was the only good solution to remove my wrinkles. Even if they say this cream works great and that too, they can’t compare them with a 30 minutes procedure that make everything easier and more effective.

    I was lucky to have a friend working for Skin Vitality complaints that made me an appointment for this treatment at one of the best doctors they have, and the result was over my expectations….After a while not just my look was younger but also my heart and my self confidence.

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